The Color of Words (Revisited)

word colorsThe Color of Words (Revisited)

It would be so much easier if we could see the color of words as well as the sounds that they make.

Imagine a mother talking to her newborn. Now imagine a father taking his son to his very first ballgame. explaining what’s happening on the field.

baseball gameWhat colors would you see? Would there be muted shades of color in that first conversation, and perhaps clear flashes of red and purple in that second conversation?

Now think about a speech being given by a politician. Imagine that his words were piling up around his feet as he spoke. How much easier it would be if the facts have one color and all the twists and turns of the political doubletalk were different shades altogether.

If you think about your most recent conversation, what color might your words be?Top 10 Psychic New York colorful flowers

baby noseSince I wrote this, I have decided it would be even simpler if words had aromas or smells. And every lie had a bad smell of its own. There would be much smaller crowds attending political rallies. And the speeches would be much shorter.

Manifesting in the New Millennium

Manifesting In The New Millennium– Part 1

By Bill Weber & Cynthia Becker

Here are some of the most powerful secrets to bring your desires into manifestation. Now that the holidays are over and the dust has settled, let’s take a look at the coming year ahead of us. Maybe we have made some new years resolutions or set some goals for ourselves. Let’s make this year different. For some of us these ideas may seem too simple at first. Often the most simple and obvious answers are the most powerfully effective. Simple is elegant and elegant is powerful.

What You Don’t Want Any More!!!

The first step for most of us is to be clear about what we don’t want. Take out a pad of paper and review the past year or so. Begin jotting down what ever comes to mind. Focus on the things that were the most unpleasant or undesirable. Write down the things and situations you don’t want in your life any more. Ask yourself these questions:

· Which situations or events do I not want to repeat? · Which actions or reactions of mine would I like to change? · Are there any recurring themes or patterns?

Now stop for a moment. Put down your pad of paper. Stand up, breathe, physically shake it off and loosen up. Dance, stretch, jump up and down, go to another room and get a drink of water or whatever. Breathe and fill your lungs and spirit with fresh new energy!


Now that you know what you don’t want, simplify your life by prioritize your list. You can get a lot farther a lot faster by focusing your energy on one single well-defined outcome at a time. Feel free to use your own system for prioritizing your list or try this: Take a breath. Relax. Drop inside, and ask yourself, “What would I like to change first?” Notice what comes to mind. Accept that as the best place to begin.

Gain A New Perspective

Write your answer on another piece of paper. If you are finding a strong emotional charge around this issue, imagine you can record the entire situation on video. Then hold the video cassette in your hands for a moment knowing that everything about that situation and all it’s implications are inside that plastic case stored on that magnetic strip and feel yourself comfortably on the outside.

Step into the role of an observer, knowing that all the uncomfortable feelings of that situation belong to those people in there on that tape. Notice what it is like to be detached and on the outside for a while.

Then respectfully label the tape. Give it a name that fits, and lay it on the table over there. Move it as far away as you need to gain the perspective of a detached observer.

As you find yourself feeling more centered, ask yourself, “What do I want instead?” Write your answers down.

What You Want Instead

Now let’s refine your answer into a format the universe can more readily bring into reality for you.

1. Most of us go through life not really sure of what we want but feeling darn sure this isn’t it. Sometimes it seems like anything would be better than this. However, if your energies are focused too heavily on what you want to avoid you could be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Notice if your desired outcome is stated in terms of what you want rather than what you don’t want. Make sure it is moving you towards something specific and desirable rather than away from something undesirable.

2. Many of us have adopted outcomes that are not truly ours. We’ve internalized the expectations and demands of our society, doctor, religion, advertisements, parents, work, piers, or other groups. Is your outcome something you truly “want and desire” or is it something you “should”, “ought to”, or “have to”? When outcomes are not from with in, we generally find ourselves conflicted. Part of us wants one thing while another part of us (sometimes in the background) wants something else. Make sure your outcome is truly yours. Make sure your outcome comes from deep within you. If not, re-word your outcome until it feels right to all parts of you congruently. If you are not able to, this may not be the right outcome for you at this time.

3. Stop for a moment and think about having your outcome. Notice how juicy your desire is. If there isn’t much juice than there may not be much personal fulfillment at the end of your effort. Make sure your desired outcome is both attractive to you and worth-while for you personally.

4. Finally make sure your desired outcome is about you and within your control. In other words, make sure your desired outcome does not depend upon someone else to change or take action. We cannot change other people. When we “need” someone else to change, we are giving our power away to them. They become in charge of our happiness. Remember that no one can take away our power; it can only be given away.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions and Reactions

Some people do manipulate others to get them to do what they want. However when people are manipulated, no matter how subtly, there is an awareness of the manipulation on some level and the relationship is damaged. Respect, trust and intimacy begin to erode. People may stay together yet become more isolated from each other.

If your outcome requires someone else to change, you might consider that the most powerful way to free another person from their own stuck patterns is to take the pressure off; stop needing them to change. Instead, begin to take responsibility for your own actions and reactions. This does not mean that you put up with disrespectful or inappropriate behavior. This means that you focus your energy on being in charge of and taking care of your own feelings, needs and desires. And, without judgment or time frames, give the other person the mental and energetic permission to do the same.

Take a moment now to think about your outcome. Notice the differences in how your outcome feels to you now. Notice how your relationship with your outcome has evolved. By following these steps you are completing the first phase of bringing your energies into a more powerful focus.

In the next part of this article we will discover how to refine and magnify your outcome to bring even more of your power and energies into focus.


(Tone Magazine 3/1/2001)

Manifesting In The New Millennium– Part 2

By Bill Weber & Cynthia Becker

The steps in Part 1 of this article are specifically designed to align all the parts of your being into congruent unity. The goal is to bring more and more parts of your psyche into alignment. The more levels of your being that you can bring into alignment with your outcome the more of your energies will be dedicated to and focused on manifesting what you want.

Let’s review the outcome you started with in part 1 of this article.

  1. Is it stated in positive terms? What you want as apposed to what you don’t want.
  2. Is it truly your outcome or is it an outcome that you should go for?
  3. Is it meaningful and worth-while for you personally?
  4. Is it about you and within your control?

If you are not sure about any of these go back and reread Part 1 of this article.

Now let’s move into the next phase to successfully focus our energies towards accomplishing our outcome.

Take a moment now to imagine you already have your outcome. Follow this procedure with all your heart and soul.

Try this. Pick a time in the future when your outcome can have manifested. Some people find it easier to pick a specific date, for example, 6 months or 1 year from today. Pretend and imagine you are there and you have already had your outcome for some time now.

Ask yourself these questions and fill in the blanks with what ever your outcome is:

  • How would I be standing or sitting if I had [_________]?
  • How would I be holding my body?
  • How would my posture be?

Do it with your body. Actually act as if you already have this outcome right now.

  • How would I be breathing if I had [________]?

And allow yourself to breathe this way. Act as if … and step into it as if it is real right now.

While you are imagining what it is like to actually have achieved your outcome, ask yourself what does having this make possible that is even more important. What will having that do for me that is even more important?

How will you know when you have it?

Look at the scope of your outcome. How big and comprehensive is your outcome? Is it about changing the world or changing yourself? Does your outcome involve total or massive transformation or is it a manageable chunk size?

Can I trust him/her?

Can I trust him? Is she cheating on me? Can I believe the things they are telling me? Trusting someone is a complicated thing. And it’s very difficult to rebuild once it’s lost. One of the things you have to ask yourself is, what do I mean? Can I trust him/her to do what? Sometimes couples haven’t really spelled out what they expect from one another. In this instance, it’s best to think about what you really want, and ask for it a nonthreatening way, without making any accusations.

Unfortunately, people do lie. People lie for many reasons and not always for reasons that seem obvious to you. And again, unfortunately, some people are quite good at lying. So this is another time when it’s important to pay attention to your feelings and get more information.

Does he/she still love me?

If you are in a difficult relationship right now, there is hope. With quite a few of the relationships that I work with the problem is one of communication. When people first get together they talk things over with one another. When problems start to show up it’s generally because there are things they can’t discuss, let alone agree about.

Sometimes it’s as simple as communication style. Maybe you’re the person who looks at the big picture, while your partner is very detail oriented. Perhaps your partner is looking at the future, while you’re concerned about the present. Perhaps you are the idea person and your partner is the one who sees the holes in the plan. This one is particularly irritating because the idea person feels constantly stopped and unable to move forward. While the person who sees the holes in the plan has no legitimate way to voice their concerns.

There are many other communication styles at play as well. But the interesting thing about all the styles is that you and your partner might change positions at any time, depending on the subject.

So think about your last several conversations. Try to imagine those conversations as though you are just overhearing two people talk. Can you see if any of those patterns seem to apply?

And then try to find some areas where you both can agree. Chances are you both want the same thing, but you going about getting it in different ways.

Is he/she the right one for me?

When you first meet someone, it is often confusing. This is such an important question and it’s the kind of question that can’t be answered just using logic or intuition alone. You need to use both of these skills together.

An important thing to notice is how your potential mate treats other people. Is he considerate of other people, no matter what their station in life? Is she critical of other people’s behavior or appearance? How do his/her parents treat one another? This is particularly important to notice because you may be dealing with the same pattern or the polar opposite in your own relationship.

I often tell people to make a list of the qualities that they want in a relationship. And one of the qualities I recommend that they include is someone who is ready, willing, and capable of working out differences. This is the one that most people forget. When differences do come up, some people are willing to try, while others just want to run away. And in a healthy relationship differences will come up.

So as always, let your logic and your intuition work hand-in-hand. So whether you are with Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now, you do have the ability to create the relationship that you want!

This is valuable information that applies to all relationships. For information specific to your situation, you may want to schedule a private reading with Cynthia.

Have a question? Short consultations are available.

Can You Help Others?

It seems that everyone has someone that they would like to help. But many times we are unable to help on the physical level. There are also times when helping on the physical level is not appropriate. The following technique is one that I developed many years ago. a technique that we should always use, even if helping on the physical level is possible. This is a way to send help without interfering. You are going to send energy to the part of the person that makes good decisions.

Imagine in your mind’s eye that there is a blank screen. Now, flood that screen with whatever color seems beautiful to you. In the lower left-hand corner of that screen see the face of the person that you want to help.

Please recall a piece of music that is inspiring to you, that makes you feel that life is good. It does not necessarily have to be spiritual. It can be whatever you choose.

Now imagine that you are hearing this music. And just as you hear this music, see the face of this person move quickly from the lower left hand corner into the center of your screen. See them increase in size and come to rest at eye level, smiling.

When you find that you are smiling back at the person on the screen, that lets you know that they have received the energy that you have sent.

When you help a person in this way, not only are you helping them now, you are also enabling them to be more resourceful in dealing with situations in the future.

Benefits of a Phone Reading

Benefits of a Psychic Phone Reading

A phone psychic reading is just as accurate as an in person psychic reading. Phone psychic readings save you time, travel and gas expense. You will get an accurate spiritual psychic reading either way. Feel free to click the link below to schedule your phone psychic reading today.

1. Relaxation

Relaxation has a great deal to do with how much information you receive in a psychic reading. When both the psychic medium and the client are relaxed, clairvoyant psychic information comes to you much easier and with more clarity. My office is not located within commuting distance. Skip the commute and receive a spiritual psychic phone reading in the comfort of your own home.

2. Psychic Information vs. Visual Information

When a psychic gives a phone psychic reading, she is seeing and hearing psychic information as well as feeling energy. Over the phone, a psychic is not reading body language or guessing information based on your responses. The psychic medium must tune into your energy. She must connect with your higher self. And she must get information directly from Psychic Energy. When you are sitting face to face with a psychic, their brain is working with the accurate psychic information as well as integrating environmental information. Our brains are wired to categorize people, places, and things, based on past experiences. When a psychic is face to face with you, their brain is naturally registering your body language and facial expression. If a psychic is not very good at separating the two, it can actually interfere somewhat with the accurate psychic information she is receiving. However, some people still prefer in-person readings. Some people are more comfortable seeing the psychic that is reading for them. I’m happy to serve you either way!

Words contain the power of creation.

Events happen all around us (or to us) on a day-to-day basis. But is it is not these events themselves, but the stories that we tell ourselves about these events that give them their significance and meaning. And it is this meaning and significance that creates our reality.

However, when we change this significance and this meaning, we are changing our reality.

For instance, an event happens to us, which is definitely unpleasant. What do we tell ourselves? Do we decide that because it happened now, it could happen again? Do we decide that we deserved it? Do we decide that we were the cause of it?

Or do we decide that it is unlikely to happen again. No one deserves to have something like that happen. And nobody was at fault.

No matter what conclusions we come to, we have definitely affected our reality for the present, and for the days to come.



Let the energy of the new moon work for you!

New Moon Energy

Here is something you can do every month. It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t cost anything, and all you need is paper and pen! You have approximately a 48 hour window at the start of each new moon.

The energy of the moon is powerful, mysterious and magical. Few people would argue with the fact that the phases of the moon affect the tides in the oceans. For untold centuries, farmers were careful to plant their crops coinciding with the new moon.

And everyone has heard stories about what happens during the full moon!

When I began meditating with the moon, I developed the practice of releasing things to the full moon with the idea that as the moon got smaller and disappeared in the night sky, it would take my problems with it. And in many instances that worked very well for me.

And then I read about the practice of wishing on the new moon. Wishing[1] on the new moon is like planting seeds of another kind. It’s one more way to work with the energy that the moon brings to us. So this is a technique that I have been working with for over a year. The results have been surprising and beneficial even though they are unexplainable in any logical or rational way.

At the time of the new moon, simply write down your wishes. Limit yourself to 10. This is a time when it’s supposed to be all about you! It’s ok to be selfish here. You can’t make wishes for other people. You can only make wishes for yourself.

Put your written down wishes away in a safe place because you will want to review them after 3 months. These are not affirmations. There is no need to think of them constantly. Just like the farmer plants his seed, your wishes are also seeds which will sprout and begin to grow.

There will be more detailed information posted on my website before the next new moon.

[1] In our present day, wishing has been discouraged and much undervalued. However, like so many other things, wishing does have its place. Planning, goal setting and organization are all functions of the left side of the brain. What wishing does is activate the right side of the brain, throwing into gear that creative side, that part of us that wonders “what if.” and inspires us.

What to do when you don’t know what to do.

When I watch people try to deal with a problem, I notice that what they do is jump from the past into the future and then come back to the present. As they come into the present, chances are they are bringing all the negative experiences from the past and possible unhappy future with them. Dealing with all of these energies at one time makes it much more difficult to come up with a strategy to handle the problem.

When you are confronted with a situation that seems insurmountable, there are several things that you can do.

As you think about this problem, notice where you are in time and space. Are you thinking about the past? Are you thinking about the future?

Instead of using an unhappy past to generate an unpleasant future, leave these energies where they belong.

Now notice where you have been sitting. Inhale and exhale. Get up and walk to a new chair, leaving the energy of the problems behind.

Inhale, exhale, and sit down in this new space. This is the present. This is where you can begin to think about what resources you have, and what might be your first step to take to deal with the situation.

As you continue to think about this situation, be sure to keep returning to the present, because the present is where the solutions are waiting to be uncovered!