Psychic Training with Cynthia Becker

Psychic Training with Cynthia Becker is a personalized psychic training designed around your needs and desires.

What if life events are not random? What if you could make more sense of the challenges you are facing and develop ways to navigate through them safely? How do I truly grow psychically?

You have your own internal compass, a spiritual psychic compass.

Each one of us has a life purpose that we’ve been fulfilling all along in some way unbeknownst to us. Think of how you can benefit from knowing what to act on, when to act and what to let go.

You have an internal psychic compass that allows you to recognize corridors of opportunity, to know when you are off course and to have the ability to still reach your destination. With Psychic Training with Cynthia Becker you can gain greater skill and confidence in what your internal psychic compass is showing you?

We all know that how and what we think effects the lives we are living. Psychic Training with Cynthia Beckerwill help you uncover and change the things that have prevented you from getting more of what you want in life. It is tailored specifically to your needs – personal, business, relationship, health, finance, spiritual growth, spiritual psychic growth, etc.

Your Psychic Training Program is a unique blend of Spiritual Psychic Readings and Professional Whole Life Coaching, Intuition, Psychic Spiritual Readings, NLP, Reiki & Other Energy work and much more.

Combine Spiritual Psychic Readings with Psychic Training

Cynthia has accurate psychic abilities and because of the results she gets for people, there has been a growing demand from individuals wanting to learn more.
*People are asking how to develop their own clairvoyant psychic abilities.
*Many want to find more of the meaning in their life.
*Most people are seeking more personal and spiritual psychic growth.
*Some want to understand more about energy, healing and manifesting.

In order to fill this need we have expanded our services. In addition to psychic medium, spiritual psychic readings and clairvoyant psychic readings we are now offering a unique Personal & Professional Whole Life Coaching and/or Psychic Training program.

The Psychic Training program and Life Coaching Program is a unique blend of Personal Psychic Readings, Professional Coaching, NLP, Energy work and much more. Your program is designed personally for you to meet your specific needs and desires.

Your Coaching includes the personal psychic readings and sessions in which you get the clairvoyant psychic answers you need when you need them as well as NLP and personal change work that gets you out of stuck places or blocks in your life. There is much more available to you than you had ever imagined possible.

*Psychic Clairvoyant Consulting to get you the answers and insights you need to succeed in all areas of your life.

*Personalized Intuition/ Psychic & Energy Training to give you the tools and skill to do it for yourself.

*Guidance and self-discovery to achieve practical and spiritual balance, satisfaction and meaning in life.

Your training includes the Spiritual Psychic Readings which are both spiritual and practical sessions in which you get the answers you need when you need them as well as NLP and personal change work that gets you out of the stuck places or blocks in your life. There is much more available to you than you had ever imagined possible.

In this coaching/training there are many levels or degrees of mastery. You will be learning many skills and techniques specifically designed to meet your individual needs and outcomes.

The level you reach will depend on how far you want to go.

This is the beginning of a journey unlike any other. This is a journey of awareness and understanding. It is a journey of self-awareness and mastery of your own mind and the intricacies of your inter-relationship with the world around you. It is a journey of trust, honesty and being true to yourself. This is your journey towards spiritual psychic wholeness and balance, to be both grounded and spiritually psychic, logical as well as intuitive. We will travel both inward and outward. The level you reach will depend on how far you want to go.


Your training will be personalized to your practical, spiritual and psychic needs. We will be developing and enhancing your perceptual abilities on many levels. You can discover new perceptions, conceptions and meanings in events around you, and build new capabilities and behaviors that serve you better. There are no preset curriculum or time frames for advancement. We will begin each step of the journey from where you are, at that moment.


Personalized Clairvoyant Readings and Spiritual Psychic & Energy Training with Cynthia Becker

When you purchase time for Whole Life Coaching, you can design your own personal combination of services and focus on the specific areas of your life that are most important to you. Many people also use their time to deal with all sorts of issues as they occur in your daily life.

By purchasing blocks of time in advance you will be able to spend more time with Cynthia at a greatly reduced rate. Cynthia’s regular hourly rate is $185.00. To pay as you go 5 hours would add up to $925.00. If you choose to pay in advance, you can save $225.00. You can purchase a 5 hour block of time for only $750.00. You can then use your 5 hours at your convenience, 1 or 2 hours per week, 1/2 hour every other week, or what ever works best for you.

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