My brother passed away
Patricia C. says: I had questions my mind need to be at rest. Cynthia was able to do this for me. This is why I call her always be prepared for the truth there is freedom in truth.
Totally blew my mind
Jaimie C. says: Cynthia’s presence, intuitiveness and kind nature all blew me away. She is one amazing lady. I’m looking forward to talking more!
You Will Know…..
Mark B. says: Usually takes me a while to know if I gained insights. During the session there were key words and behaviors expressed that resonated with me immediately. Had me thinking of events that were relevant and looking for cause and effect. Bottom Line, and I had unfortunately forgotten the possible feeling, the next day about mid-morning I realized that I was feeling lighter and knew then I had energy flowing again. The journey continues….
Gave me closure and confirmation
Sonya p. says: Cynthia is amazing! She knew so much! She gave me confirmation on the road that I had chosen, and guidance for future endeavors. Cynthia also gave me closure on a loved one, who had recently passed away mysteriously. I will talk to her again.
Gave me closure and confirmation
Sonya p. says: Cynthia is amazing! She knew so much! She gave me confirmation on the road that I had chosen, and guidance for future endeavors. Cynthia also gave me closure on a loved one, who had recently passed away mysteriously. I will talk to her again.
Felicia B.
Felicia b. says: My experience with Mrs.Becker was … WOW!!! Incredible insight ! precise , warm and easy ! Thank you,
She is a gem
Lorna M. says: I had my first reading and I cannot express the relief I feel. I have been struggling with some family issues for quite some time and it was nice to get clarity. Cynthia has a real gift, her ability to describe people and situations will astonish you
What a beautiful soul !
Shauna C. says: Being an intuitive reader myself is sometimes challenging to get other readers to be able to read for you .She is precise , very detailed and to the point. LOVE IT ! Most readers want to tell you who you are or where you have been or that your just “transitioning” I don’t need any reader to validate this info since I’ve lived it and know who I am . That doesn’t make for a good reader ! Being able to connect with source and bring forth that information was such a sense of peace during the reading . Will definitely recommend her to everyone in my circle of intuitives and promote her on social media ! Thanks Cynthia !
Jamaica Funk Show with KT Radio Show
Katherine W. says: Cynthia Becker is refreshing and on point with her reading. She is very gentle and soft spoken. Our callers loved her. Cynthia didn’t do her usual type reading because she can usually hear the voices of the people asking question. She couldn’t hear the callers because of a phone glitch on the part of the studio. For each caller she had only their name and age. Cynthia addressed each call with accuracy as a matter of fact one caller she told me something about the caller while, the caller was saying the same thing about themself. That was a WOW moment. Cynthia was worth her weight in gold. If you heart needs to know something, call Cynthia because she definetly has a gift.
She’s a godsend, and what I needed at that moment
Jalyn j. says: Cynthia has a voice of compassion and empathy… Extremely understanding, on multiple levels…. I’ve been to maybe 15 psychics throughout my entire life, certain ones multiple times. Not every one is for everybody. Some have been very accurate and detailed, however I leave feeling down or the same. Not uplifted, or not receiving appropriate answers, confirmation, sufficient insight, wise guidance…. Cynthia was a great match for me, she provided these things… when I hung up the phone, I felt that I received confirmation, validation, a deeper level of understanding of myself. Without me having to share much. People who I’ve known my whole life are unable to offer that… she provided suggestions that made sense to me, to get what I want out of life more, and to grow spiritually…. as long as she’s willing to accept me as a client, I’ll be one. I don’t want to bother her too much, but would love to book another reading or service soon.
Helpful and insightful
John h. says: Cynthia was helpful and insightful. I only had booked for 30 minutes, and should have booked for a full hour. John H
Spot on Point
Bijoux R. says: A very gifted, lovely woman.
Retirement crossroads
Paula C. says: A priceless experience.
Amy H. says: I got a job in June as Cynthia predicted. She is accurate.
Bright Light
Elaine s. says: Lovely lady, warm and easy to connect with. I did openly discuss my situation vs holding back and letting Cynthia just send esoteric messages. The words were extremely uplifting and exactly what I needed. She told me some things that will be life changing and what I’ve always intuitively felt. And how to get to somethings I need to get to… I’m going to embrace the suggestions. Much thanks and love to all of you… We don’t stop playing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw
Yenizel P. says: Thank You.
2nd reading.
Ruth M. says: I had my first session with Cynthia a year ago and her reading was spot on. This year I have a different concern which she has one again given useful and encouraging advise on. I am amazed at gotta accurate she is in knowing what my concern was before I even talked to her about why I was reaching out to her. I am definitely going to be speaking with her again and make her a part of my life long journey. Thank you so much!
Recent reading
Donna A. says: Cynthia exuded a calmness that put my anxiety to rest. My particular situation doesn’t really have a resolution at the moment but Cynthia was able to confirm what I was feeling and reassure me that things, over time, would change favorably for me. She made some suggestions which I will incorporate into my life and look forward to seeing positive changes. I look forward to my next opportunity to speak with Cynthia?
Absolutely insightful
Mistie B. says: I recently received my first reading yesterday with cynthia. All i can say after being very skeptical of readings in general i could not believe how accurate she was about my life and my concerns. I just sent her two close friends of mine after because i was absolutely amazed on what i took from our reading. The first of many. Highly recommended!!!
I like Cynthia!!! She is great!!!
Yini l. says: I had three phone reading with Cynthia. I like her very much. She is very very nice and helpful! She told me I would find a part time job after 2 months . At first, I felt that was hard to believe , since I did not start to look for any internship. However, the fact came true! A part time job found me. I got my part time job! For my point, I think if you really believe her, She will be very helpful. Thank you very much! Cynthia! I hope you can see this. I will call you again . I hope I can visit you in future! ———–Yini
First reading with Cynthia
Teresa G. says: My phone reading with Cynthia was very helpful with some issues I have been having with people I work with. She also helped me figure out what the next step I should take in my new business venture. I will call her again.
Helpful and insightful
David D. says: Cynthia helped me come to adecision on something I had been dodging. Her insight and quite manner put me at ease and she helped make a long delayed decision. Will call again for more help in the future. Thank you Cynthia.
I needed insight
Patty C. says: I live by my feelings but too many times because of my own confusion I cannot see I cannot make sense of things even though I feel it somethings not right or why is this happening. Cynthia removes the veil.She helps me with that uh ha moment. She blesses everything and everyone and God bless her too.
Very interesting
Jennifer S. says: I was very surprised when she was able to touch names and give information on each person that was amazingly accurate without me providing any background information other than name/age estimate. She was very calm, and her voice exuded warmth. Cynthia ‘ s ability is, in my experience, the real deal.
Terrific Reading– one hour session
Leslie M. says: I recently had a one hour session with Cynthia and had a follow-up session less than week later. Cynthia was spot on in several areas. As noted by others, she highlighted three key areas that the main reading was focused. She gave invaluable advice/insights on personalities and how best to deal with those dynamics for a successful outcome for the greater good. Her prayer at the beginning of the reading is one of the best that I have been engaged in with a reading– pay attention– it means alot and it is important for you to get the best out of the reading to be able to tune in yourself to be open and receptive. The follow-up reading was more focused on an issue that has helped me better understand the dynamics no matter how difficult the situation. Cynthia was very open and politically correct in her candor about my own contributions to the situation– and how best to approach moving forward! HIGHLY Recommended!
Rashin N. says: I have to say there is something about her that give you a great feeling, I felt a great connection with her, she could feel my pain my fear without me talking. I wish she was part of my life that I could just talk even for few minutes a day , She is not about MONEY she is here for help, she is unest and if she doesn’t have an answer she would say I don’t know, I felt so much better after talking to her, Cynthia i truly hope that there will come a day that I could do something for you. Thank you,
Another great reading
Vic F. says: Cynthia has an amazing gift and any time I have a big issue, I will talk to here. I have used her a few times and she has been right on. I recommend spending The money. She will surprise you.
Best half hour in a long time
Sharyn E. says: I have been getting readings for many years from other psychic/mediums so I already have a sense of how things go when the reader is legit. Cynthia is definitely legit and definitely gifted. Before I even asked my first question, she told me about three things that came up for her, one of which was so strikingly specific and on-point that it blew me away. When we explored that situation together, she gave me the kind of insight into the guy involved that I would have never ever discovered on my own, but since she had the guy pegged in other respects, I had confidence that with regard to a specific and ongoing situation, she was accurate. This helped me adjust my behavior and ultimately, it’s helping both of us. I am also so glad I thought to ask her about my son at the last minute, with four minutes left of our session. The words I heard from her were invaluable and I think they are going to go a long way towards mending my relationship with the little man. Had anybody else said the same thing to me, I would have been skeptical, but since Cynthia gave such a good description of my son’s personality and quirks, I had no doubt what she said next was coming from a good place. I am actually looking forward to my next session with her and I am going to recommend her with confidence to all my friends.
Che C. says: Cynthia, was amazing!!!!! Absolutely spot on!!!! Couldn’t be more accurate. I’ve talked to many psychics and none were nearly as amazing as Cynthia!!!
My session
Belinda C. says: Very easy to talk to. She gave me a lot of good things to think about . Next time we talk it will be in person. Looking forward to it.
Very good
Nina M. says: I have never had a phone reading before so I was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect but when Cynthia start talking everything inside me become calm and relaxed. Most of the things she told me are in the future so I can’t comment on this but the way she described my daughter and my husband was shockingly true. She was very patient and gave me some guidance and I will definitely call back.
Lisa M. says: It was awesome. Was looking for a reading and got a healing as well. I will definetly call back.
Very reasuring
Eleash M. says: I didn’t know what to expect when I arranged my appointment by phone. i read a bad review and I was concerned maybe I hadn’t investigated more. Therefore I had no expectations when I received the reading. Cynthia was very quiet for first few minutes. You can’t start talking and asking all these questions because real intuitive’s need time to sense the situation and I know this from a prior reading. Immediately she said to me there is a family situation where someone is sick and this has brought up childhood issues. I was stunned. She was able to tell me each person in the situation and what their thoughts were. When she gives a reading it’s not about looking into the fortune telling aspects. She does ask your feedback and needs some help from you so that she can understand what you’re asking. But her technique is very solid yet gentle and supportive. She helped me to do a guided imagery exercise and see the situation being channeled through a positive aspect. She won’t say anything negative And I prefer that. Another words she’s not going to tell you whether you’re right or wrong But just as how her guides are telling her the situation is occurring. I’m happy I contacted her because she gave me some peace of mind. I have been doing the imagery not daily but when I can think about it and it’s quiet for me. She told me that I cannot heal the situation with physicality but only mentally which I completely endorse. Could recommend her without any reservation and I thank her for the wonderful reading she gave me last week.
Healing Session
Mohammad A. says: This was a healing session more than trying to know about the future. If you ever wanted to heal yourself from your negative past, anger or resentment, then Cynthia would be your best choice. But if you wanted to waste your time and money with stupid card reading to get delusional hopes, then you would probably find many choices out there to pick form other than Cynthia.
Healing messages
Lia A. says: Cynthia gave me a great mediumship reading in January. She transmitted messages from my mom who passed away in 2009. The reading was very accurate and I got the information and guidance I needed at that moment that I felt uplifted afterwards. She’s gifted and kind, and I feel grateful for her guidance.
Exactly what I was looking for…
Carey F. says: My first reading with Cynthia was exactly what I was looking for. I’m at a turning point in many areas of my life, and Cynthia helped me get clarity on the decisions I’m making and the people I’ll be working with and surrounded by in my near future. I came away from the reading clear about my next actions and filled with a sense of peace and calm. I highly recommend a reading with Cynthia!
Title your review accurate & caring
Vic O. says: Write your review Vic F says: Cynthia’s reading was right on the money. I needed someone that could put a perspective on a very emotional event. She nailed it perfectly. She has the gift and I am grateful for the help. I will be calling again if ever need too.
Reading with Cynthia
Melinda M. says: Cynthia’s reading was the best psychic phone reading I have ever had. She is peaceful and calming and offers insight in a useful and encouraging way. She listens with her heart, and is genuinely interested in helping YOU. Her reading of my situation was clear and purposeful, and very valuable in providing guidance with respect to certain pending decisions I have before me. I will definitely call her again.
Didn’t know what to expect
Rich s. says: I wrote down some issues to discuss …but by just writing down my name Cynthia, began relating to me personality traits and challenges that I have lived with for years. Her deep insights and “tools” for changing these issues were spot on. Look foreword to seeing how life evolves using her techniques
Clear, Comforting, Encouraging
Lori E. says: Cynthia brought clarity to a number of personal challenges and offered clear guidance and perspective to each in a kind and supportive way. Her words offered hope and encouragement. There is no question in my mind that Cynthia is blessed with a very special gift from God. You cannot question her psychic ability.
Reading with Cynthia
Robert L. says: Very amazing!!! She discribed very accurately the personaltys of people in my life By only wanting there name and age. My reading from her is pretty accurate even with another Reading I had with someone else two months earlier. Would definitely keep Cynthia in my address Book for future readings.
Genuine and helpful
Michael R. says: Cynthia is the real deal. She is caring and helpful without just telling you what you want to hear. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. I would also recommend that you know exactly what you want to ask her so that you get everything you want out of your reading. Cynthia is wonderful!!
Do It!
Trudy S. says: If you have been thinking about doing a reading with Cynthia don’t hesitate. It will be worth it! Cynthia is that rare, gifted, insightful person who takes her gift seriously. Her voice and demeanor make you feel comfortable and comforted. With grace and humility she took me seriously and gave clarity to my muddled mind. I highly recommend her. Well worth the time and money.
A Sincere Heart
Kimberly M. says: Cynthia is not only gifted but I feel that her readings come from her heart. She seemed truly concerned for me and her advice was uplifting. I was in a terrible place and since our phone conversation I’ve felt a peace long needed. Call her! She is insightful, empathetic and a charming lady. If ever I need guidance again, Cynthia will be the one I call. Thank you Cynthia!
A True Servant
Joanne S. says: I found Cynthia authentic and heart aware. She spoke to me with clarity and sincere wisdom. Her counsel was sound and encouraging. I don’t often get myself off the path, but I was in the ditch and she offered a strong hand back up. Thank you, you are a faithful servant to that which you have been given.
Amanda G. says: I truly believe that Cynthia is what she say she is! She is awesome and Knows how to help. My soul was what I thought be tortured by hurts and disappointments but Cynthia reassured me that my future is more than I can imagine . Before we even started she knew I had a certain condition that no one knows not even my family. I am definitely considering her in the future when troubled waters hit again!
Martina S. says: Cynthia was able to know the exact day of the week that certain events in my life happened on and immediately picked up on my main concerns without me saying a word. Cynthia does not make you dependent on her abilities but rather shows you your own and how to use them. Thank you so much for such an inspiring reading Cynthia!
Sage Advice and Wisdom
Justin A. says: Cynthia picked up on a lot of my personality right away. Not only did she give great advice, but the best part is that she gave me some tools I can take away and use to help me for the rest of my life. She even gave me extra time to make sure I was OK during a very emotional reading. Thanks, Cynthia 🙂
Good Guidance
Georgiann M. says: Cynthia was very helpful, very generous and offered insights I really needed and would never have known. I sorely needed perspective and direction and she facilitated that expertly. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again and recommend her.
Lisa B
Lisa B. says: I’ve had Cynthia help me on several readings.She is awesome!And yes,she is real.I’m a RN,so don’t take that lightly.I wouldn’t waste my time on a reading if she wasn’t of great help.I recommend her to anyone who needs help.She truly does this to help others.So,skip the others and give her a call.Often,she’s so busy I have to wait to talk to her.So,let her help you!
First Reading…
Aimee M. says: I thought she was great! She did mentioned things that was going on and definitely made me think of those things more. I feel more relaxed and my focus has shifted to the more important things. I definitely will take her advice and I hope my situation that I am having calms down. I did feel the need to ask her more questions so I will be calling her soon. Thanks Cynthia!
Accurate and very helpful
Dave b. says: I was very pleasantly surprised on how accurate and helpful cynthia was. She knew a lot about two people in my life without my telling her much about them. Her guidance was a big relief to me.
Reading with Cynthia
Cynthia J. says: Cynthia, I truly appreciate that she returned my call. And that she took the time to do the reading. I have been sick for along time and wanted to know if healing was coming soon. She also, told me that my daughter is still around me. I am grateful for that. She was the love of my life. And I struggle everyday without her. I will be calling her again.
Half hour with Cynthia
Natasha K. says: My session was wonderful. Cynthia was very calming and easy to speak with. She was spot on with the items that we discussed and the issues that I am dealing with. I highly recommend Cynthia and will definitely use her again in the future!
Energized me and gave me clarity for the future
Rosalina S. says: Within the first couple of minutes Cynthia nailed it, she immediately identified the personal issue that was frustrating the past few years. She touched on things that was so relatable and provided me reassurance on the road ahead. Although I was disappointed with one of her readings she also provided me the insight that this was what was meant to be in my life and it happened for a reason. I took comfort in that. Thanks Cynthia…I am looking forward to the changes in my life, I know it won’t be easy at times but I now know that I will persevere and I will be OK at the end….in fact I will be better. I would definitely like to reconnect in abt 4-6mths time to validate and get more guidance.
Very Reassuring
Scott M. says: I had a reading yesterday 6/22/2015. She was very comforting and reassuring. It helped me sort out my present which will allow me to better work on my future. She was able to give me excellent strategies for how to deal with my current challenges. Let’s face it nothing is guaranteed, but at least having a game plan is a good chunk of the battle. I know I will be calling in a couple of months to see how my progress is coming along.
On Point First Reading
Yvonne H. says: Yvonne says: I was at the point where I was ready to walk off my job but after speaking with Cynthia on a Monday she reassured me that things would work itself out. The very next day things started to happen as she stated. This was my first reading and I will definitely be having more sessions with her.
Reading on love and relationships
Jas J. says: This was my first Psychic reading ever and I am glad I made the right choice. I read one bad review and thus was skeptical but am happy with the results. She started off by describing my personality very successfully and I was amazed at the accuracy with which she described this girl in my life…I was blown away for a moment! She also gave a solution to the problem and gave me some insight into the time frame of my marriage. I will post back if/when her predictions come true. Overall more than satisfied and will be happy to try her again. Thanks Cynthia!
Deb M. says: This was my first reading and my mom recently passed. Cynthia could not assure me that it was my mother that she was connecting with and told me that she felt it was too soon. She gave me some advice and insight into what she saw about me, but did not charge me for the session since the reason I booked the session was not assuring. I will certainly call her back after more time passes – as she advised me to do.
Great reading
Maria A. says: Cynthia was great. She told me things that make sense to me. This is my first time having a phone reading and I’m a little hesitant, but after talking to her I feel at ease. I can’t wait for my future. Thank you so much.
Spot on reading!!!
Kari B. says: I just got my first reading with Cynthia . My session was about a very specific person and event happening.The moment we started talking she was spot on about details of this person. She touched on things without me having to say anything. She put me at ease while talking with her, and gave me great insight as to how to handle what needed to have answers too. I definitely will be following up with her and talking with her again.
Great , spot on!!
Kari B. says: I recently had my first phone reading with Cynthia. I had a very specific situation I needed to talk about. She described the person involved to a tee without any information and gave me the best way to go about it. I felt very good at the end of the session. Definitely will call back and follow up with her.
First Reading with Cynthia
Kimm M. says: This was my first reading with Cynthia and my first phone reading. I was very impressed! As others have said, she was very calm and her read of personality traits of me and others in my life were so accurate. I was more impressed with her over the phone than I have been with other in-person readings – I don’t think the phone interfered with her reading me at all! I am waiting to see what happens in Feb/Mar and if what she said will happen actually does then I will definitely be calling her again and telling my friends/family about her!
Helpful and supportive
Joyce m. says: I was reassured by her supportive and comforting aspect. She said many things that I know to be true and gave me a sense of calm about the future.
Would always recommend her
Janet Musiime N. says: Cynthia, was more than I expected. And I couldn’t achieve my guidance with out acknowledging her help. The wisdom, and guidance she gave me on my life was more than I could ever ask for at a time. She was extremely patient with me and OMG very polite. Lets be grateful for Cynthia genuinely. And I believe it will strengthen her powers. As am looking forward to some changes in my life, I promise to be back soon and testify to her mighty physic powers. (Watch this space). God continue to bless her work and I hope to wake up everyday on the words of wisdom you shared with me . With love from East Africa and will surely recommend more of africans from here for your truthful physic readings… God continue to spread your work and widen your abilities.
Got me focused
Jane M. says: This was my first reading. Cynthia was very helpful. She told me things that were true about me. Things that I never paid attention to but from talking to her, I realise I have work to do. Her guidance gave me a sigh of relief and i will be calling again.
Wonderful and insightfull reading
Nina S. says: Cynthia is extremely helpful in providing guidance and insight on aspects of the heart and family. I will not hesitate to contact her again and I will recommend her readings to anyone.
Anita K says:
Anita K. says: This was my first phone reading. When Cynthia began the reading with a prayer I initially felt connection and my skepticism was put at ease. I was impressed with the accurate feedback I received. I will be contacting her again in the near future.
My First Reading With Cynthia
Elizabeth R. says: My phone reading with Cynthia was amazing. She was able to pull specific details about my life that people talking with me for the first time would not have known. She was very down-to-earth and calming and made me feel comfortable immediately. She also gave great advice for the future. I would definitely call her again.
Reading with Cynthia
Alice H. says: This is the first time I’ve ever had a phone reading. Cynthia was right on the money with a lot of things we discussed. She also gave me some valuable career insights. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was absolutely delighted and will be calling again.
First Reading Ever
Savita M. says: This was the first time I have ever had a reading done. I did a little research before choosing Cynthia. Right away I felt at ease, she has a very calming voice. I was surprised at some of the things she said and would definitely call again.
Half hour session with Cynthia
Jean W. says: The time went so fast, my thoughts were very scattered and I may have even been anxious (based on my breathing). I was not prepared like I wanted to be with questions. I just let it flow. Was hoping I would feel good after the session but I didn’t. I listened to Cynthia and she was correct about me (my personality). Just wasn’t in a good place at time of reading.
Disappointed in customer service
Taly L. says: I was very so excited for my appointment with cynthia when I booked it. I unfortunately was so excited I completely overlooked the warnings about it being central time, this was completely totally my fault. I did however immediately begin to email and call in order to change my appointment, needless to say I missed it. I then send another email seeing if there was anything I could do. I know the policy states otherwise and i understand that. I am however dissapointed that no one ever bothered to reply. Even if the answer would have been no, I would have liked to have been acknowledged . I was really looking forward to my appointment and am now very let down.
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 4 reviews
by Gary L on Blank Business Name

I could hardly believe it. Everything happened exactly as you predicted. Thank you Cynthia.

by Marilyn K. on Blank Business Name

You saved our marriage. Without you I would never have understood what was really happening between us. You’re like an angel from heaven.

by Samantha A. on Blank Business Name

After you worked with me, the doctors ran more tests and determined that there was nothing to worry about after all. Its been such a blessing to have found you.

by Rhonda H. on Blank Business Name

I did what you said and he responded exactly like you said he would. He even used the same words you had used. It’s so much better. What a huge difference you made in our life.