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Cynthia Becker
Spiritual Psychic & Teacher

Hi, I’m Cynthia. Glad to see that you are interested in the mysterious world of psychic ability.

Growing up in my house, this was a world that was never spoken of. You can imagine how confusing, strange and exciting it was when this world unexpectedly opened up to me.

Whether you book your first reading now, or you’ve had many readings before, the amount of useful information that comes through for you will be a delightful surprise.

Spirit always has information, ideas, and unexpected solutions that come through for my clients. I tell you exactly what I see, hear and feel once I have said my blessing.

The road of life and love is full of twists and turns.
But it can be an exciting and wonderful journey

Get the answers and insights you seek. Find clarity in your love life, your relationships, your career, your children, your health. Eliminate discord around you.

Grow your personal power and deepen your spiritual psychic connection with life. Tap into your highest potential. Invest in your happiness today.

Relationships are my specialty. Read more of the story

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You Can Make A Difference In Your Personal Life In A Difficult World

  • You have the power to create real and lasting change
  • You know you can make a difference if only you knew what to do
  • You want to enhance, grow and amplify your own personal energy and power
  • On some level, you know, we are all connected
  • You believe that when our personal lives improve, the world becomes a better place for us all
  • Because you are a cut above, you want the best and you are worth it.
Imagine Your Life with The Clarity You Need!


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Here To Help

My name is Cynthia, and I am a Professional Psychic and Spiritual Life Coach with over 25 years of experience. I’ve helped thousands of people gain clarity through my psychic readings. Each spiritual reading provides actionable answers to help you successfully navigate personal and professional relationships.

With a deep connection to universal wisdom and the spirit world, I bring ancient and modern wisdom traditions into every reading.

In our reading you will uncover obstacles, gain insight on what to do next, and be presented with options that will best suit your needs.

Let’s talk today and make the first step toward transforming your relationships.

Happiness & Love Psychic Readings

psychic reading for career, finance and money finding answers through a psychic

Reading for
Career, Finance, Business

psychic reading for love, romanace, relationships finding answers through a psychic

Reading for
Love & Relationship

psychic reading for healing, losing someone, death finding answers through a psychic

Reading for
Energy & Healing

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What My Clients Have To Say

Cynthia Becker was terrific. She was very sweet, caring, and personable. She was very insightful, and genuine. I couldn’t believe some of the things she knew, could feel, and see. It was amazing and I was speechless. I can’t say enough about Cynthia. I would highly recommend her to others seeking insight from a psychic medium. I definitely plan on using her services in the future if need be.

-Clifford J.

Cynthia Becker’s psychic readings have helped me immensely to find clarity in relationships, work situations, and life direction. I recommend her completely! Cynthia’s psychic abilities are genuine and spot-on, and she shares her knowing with kindness, compassion, and gentle support. I’m always left with a new outlook, an uplifted heart, a clearer direction.

-Joan H.

Cynthia is lovely and relatable. She is very accurate but doesn’t over embellish or over promise. This isn’t just a reading; Cynthia also provides guidance and tools to help the caller find clarity and calm when it’s needed most! After several years of working together, she has helped shape my spiritually and emotionally through some interesting and challenging times. I would highly recommend her services!!

-Karen L.

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Google Review about psychic cynthia becker

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