6 Steps to Finding Love

6 Steps to Finding Love

Love is best when nurtured. Finding the needs within yourself and energizing them, giving them genuine purpose, will lead you to the love you’ve wanted for so long. Follow these simple steps to help you determine the building blocks you need to attain a healthy, long-lasting relationship. There’s a universe of love waiting for you. Find it gently. path to love in woods around trees, Love Psychic Cynthia Becker

1. Examine and Create: Start with the past. Make a list of the traits and features that you don’t like in a life partner. What bothered you about past relationships? What failed? Now, create a new list that changes these negatives into positive features on which to focus! It’s a keeper.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want: Take your time and go into detail about the behavior you want from your new partner.  Having someone who is very successful is not much fun unless he or she is also kind and generous. Dig deep, and truly get to know yourself.

3. Envision the person you would be: If the person you’re seeking were in your life, who would you be? Ask yourself what you would be saying? Doing? What would people be saying about you?

4. Reflect and Evolve: Now review your list. Are there qualities there that you would like to develop in yourself? Could the person you seek be looking for these qualities in you? There’s no time like the present to start creating a new you, so why not get started?

5. Give Thanks: Before you put the list away, be sure to write the statement “thank you for this or something more.” You may be surprised at the universe’s generosity, when you simply acknowledge its bounty—and find that even greater benefits come your way that you hadn’t even realized you needed.

6. Universal Attraction: Finally, think about how it feels to know that the person you described in your list is also out there looking for you. Because, of course, they are!

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