You’re feeling alone. The world seems to be laughing in front of you. Couples are hugging in line, they hold hands, their joy seems intolerable…You feel like love can’t be found. But you’re wrong. Love is just one step away from you. You just need to take a step back from a bit.

Love is best when nurtured. It’s not like the movies. You won’t run into that person in the subway and fall hopelessly in love with one another. Love takes time. Think of love as a pet.

You need to teach it to go potty. Not to tear up the shoes. Not to chase the cat. It needs to be tamed. And in that taming you’ll find what you’ve been looking for. Let me explain a bit more.

Step 1. Examine and Create

Start with the past. Make a list of the traits and features that you don’t like in a life partner. What bothered you about past relationships? What failed? Now, create a new list of the type of qualities and traits that you want in your life partner. This is the list that you need to adhere when you go out looking for the “one”.

In some cases you don’t have a past love relationship, this is fine. In this case, think of your friends. Have you lost friendship with people? Love is essentially a romantic friend. Just think of what was wrong in that relationship. What did you do or that other person do? Apply the positives and remove the negative to your life partner list.

Step 2. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want

Take your time and go into detail about the behavior you want from your new partner – adhere to the list you made above.  Having someone who is very successful is not much fun unless he or she is also kind and generous. Dig deep, and truly get to know yourself.

This is where communication comes in. You need to tell your person I want this because it makes me feel like this. Verbal cues are imperative when letting a new person into your world and vice versa; be curious and vigilante on what they want and how they feel.

Finding love isn’t something you can hunt down using a treasure. It’s more like a series of if and then what conditions. You need to think of your relationship as a computer program. If my partner does this, then how will I feel. If I were to do this to my partner, how would that make them feel. That being said, by being honest to that person and honest to yourself your relationship won’t be a momentarily fling.

Step 3. Envision the person you would be

While you can’t hunt down love, love will find you no matter what. But first, you need to be ready for it. If you were to think of your life partner, what would that person want. This is more like a reflection of what you would want. So, think about if your life-partner meets you what would there impression be of you.

Are you a caring person? Generous? Loving? Deceitful? Cheater?

So while you’re open for love take this opportunity to improve on your qualities. By improving on yourself, you’ll see that the world you’ve created for yourself is a commodity a potential life partner would want to be part of.

4. Reflect and Evolve

Now review your list. Are there qualities that you would like to develop in yourself? Could the person you seek be looking for these qualities in you? There’s no time like the present to start creating a new you, so why not get started?

5. Give Thanks

Before you put the list away, be sure to write the statement “thank you for this or something more.” You may be surprised at the universe’s generosity, when you simply acknowledge its bounty—and find that even greater benefits come your way that you hadn’t even realized you needed.

6. Universal Attraction

Finally, think about how it feels to know that the person you described in your list is also out there looking for you. Because, of course, they are!

“Let me know if you need a guiding hand to help you discover the love you deserve in your life. Blessings!” –Cynthia


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