Does the idea of crossing bridges make you feel anxious? Are you afraid of heights? Do you have fears that other people call “irrational”? Are you excessively worried about being in situations or circumstances don’t seem to bother anybody else? If you find yourself fitting into any one of these categories, you may be experiencing a past life experience.

Anxiety and Past Lives

For some, the concept of past lives – the idea that we’ve lived before in different times, places, and bodies – provides an alternative perspective on why certain anxieties or fears seem to have no clear source in our present lives. Here’s a basic overview:

    1. Unexplained Fears: Have you ever been terrified of something without knowing why? For instance, some people have a deep fear of water despite never having a traumatic experience in their current life. Some believe this fear could stem from a traumatic event in a past life, perhaps a drowning incident.
    2. Déjà Vu: Experiencing déjà vu – a feeling that you’ve been somewhere or met someone before, even if it’s your first time – could be interpreted as a memory or experience from a past life.
    3. Inexplicable Affinities: Some people feel a strong connection to a particular era, culture, or place that they’ve never personally experienced. This could be seen as evidence of having lived during that time or in that place in a past life.
    4. Recurring Dreams: Dreams that recur, especially those with vivid details or emotions, might be remnants of past life experiences. For instance, if someone constantly dreams of life in a medieval village, it could be a window into a previous existence.
    5. Physical Marks: Some believe that birthmarks or unexplained scars are indicators of wounds or marks from a past life. For instance, a birthmark on the chest might be linked to a fatal injury from a previous existence.
    6. Instant Connections or Aversions: Ever met someone and instantly liked or disliked them without a clear reason? Some interpret this as having known the person in a past life, where the nature of your relationship (good or bad) carries over into the present.

Past Life Trauma

There is one cause for anxiety that will seldom be acknowledged by mainstream society. And that cause for anxiety is experiencing or remembering parts of past lives. The existence of past lives is still being debated, but there are those whose symptoms of anxiety are relieved when they experience what is called a past life regression.

If this has caught your interest, you will be even more interested to know that the idea of past lives is being addressed in as rational and logical a manner as possible! The University of Virginia division of perceptual studies has been gathering and cataloguing information about past lives for over 50 years.

Watch Dr. Brian Weiss

Since 1967 when he founded the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, Dr. Ian Stephenson quietly began gathering stories about children who remembered past lives. While these were anecdotal, it’s surprising to see how many details the children remembered. These were details that couldn’t possibly have been known to their parents.

His work is being carried on by Dr. Jim Tucker. And it’s interesting to realize what some of these stories have in common. Many of the stories are surprising in the amount of detail that has been verified. What is most astonishing is that these children were between the ages of two and five.

While some of these stories came from children in Asia, many of them are from children right here in America.

My own past life experiences are far less interesting than some of the other stories you will be reading! But they were vivid enough.

When I am working with clients and I see past lives and understand and help with their anxiety, those past lives seem to resonate and offer some useful correlations to situations in their present-day lives.