No quizzes to take, no questionnaire to fill out. If you are asking if you are psychic, the answer is always yes!

The common thinking about psychic ability is that it is a gift that some people have, and most people don’t. And that is really a misconception. Psychic ability is something we all have as part of our human nature. A better analogy for psychic ability is to compare it to an uncut diamond, or diamond in the rough. We all have this gift, or diamond. For most of us, the diamond needs to be cut and polished. For some of us, the diamond we have doesn’t need quite as much work.

Although things are changing, the society that we live in does not do much to encourage the development of psychic ability. In fact, it actually discourages and discounts the psychic experiences that we do have. We are told that we are imagining things, or that some of our experiences are just coincidences. Any subtle whisperings or inklings are dismissed or covered over with “logical” explanations.

But the reality is that we are constantly receiving psychic information. Most of us simply do not know how to sort it out from wishful thinking or deductive reasoning.

So let’s take a look at how we receive information. Information comes into the mind in one of three ways. We see pictures, we hear sounds, or we feel sensations. We think in all three modalities. Some people may have a preferred way. That is some people are more visual. These are the people that can tell you every detail about the movie they have seen recently (whether or not you want to hear it). Other people are more auditory. These are the people that are often sensitive to sound. Music can move them to tears. They also seem to have a knack for remembering the exact words that you used when you hurt their feelings. And then there are the kinesthetic people. They talk slowly and deliberately when they do talk, and they often are at a loss for words to describe how they feel.

Medicine, law, engineering, and accounting are all disciplines that have their own terminology. And just like these disciplines, the psychic world has its own terminology as well. If you see things, or think in pictures, you are considered clairvoyant. If your psychic information comes to you through hearing, you are called clairaudient. And if you “just know things” you are called clairsentient.

So if you are a visual thinker, your psychic information is likely to come in pictures. If you’re an auditory thinker, your information is more likely to come in sounds, or words that you hear. While most clairsentient people may not describe it this way, their information also comes in pictures and sounds that are of very short duration followed by a feeling. All they are conscious aware of is the feeling. And the ending result is “I just know it”.

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