Many of the people who write about manifesting will tell you to make a list and write down all the qualities that you want in a partner. It sounds simple enough, right? And it is, or can be.

But like many other things, some people can tell you what to do, but they don’t always tell you how to do it.

So here are several suggestions that might make your writing easier and even a little more fun to do! When you start out, of course, there will be many qualities come to mind instantly. But you might want to get a little more thoughtful.

Think Of Past Relationship

This is where your old boyfriend (or girlfriend) comes in handy. First write down everything that you liked about him or her. Now, write down everything you didn’t like about him or her. (wonder which list will be longer!).

List The Negatives Create Positives

Now, turn all the qualities that you didn’t like into positive statements: for example “I don’t want someone who’s cheap” into I want someone who is generous. You want to make certain that all your statements are in the positive. For some of us it is easier to start out with what we don’t want before we get to what we do want.

What Are You Really Looking For?

Look over the list that you’ve written. And as you read down this list ask yourself if there are any qualities that you need to develop personally. For example, if you want someone with a sense of humor, you need to start seeing the funny side of life. If you already have a good sense of humor, that’s one job taken care of.


Always be sure to include in your list of qualities someone who’s ready willing and capable of working out differences. No matter how perfectly matched you are, there will be differences as you go along. But no one wants to think about that at the beginning.

Be Grateful

The very last step of this list writing process is to include a statement at the bottom. And that statement is “thank you for this or something more”. This leaves room for the possibility there are things that you would like to have that you didn’t realize you wanted.

What you want to do with this list is put it in a special place. There’s no need to look at it on a daily basis. This is the part where you trust your intuition. Your intuition will tell you to go to a certain place at a certain time or conversely not to bother with certain places or things. Actually, this can be a fun time! You might be surprised and where your intuition will guide you.

By taking the time to be thoughtful about creating this list, you have created an image, or a target. And somehow the part of the mind that functions outside of perception can also function like a heat seeking missile looking for that very target you just now created.