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Releasing Karmic Interference

Have you noticed that certain patterns that seem to keep occurring in your life?

Even though you may have put in time working on self-development and self-improvement, do certain things seem to keep repeating in-spite-of all the work you have done?

These patterns and themes may be occurring because of karmic residue. These are unconscious habits and behaviors that may have worked well for you in a past life. But in this lifetime these behaviors are no longer useful.

We all learn childish behaviors which we outgrow as we mature. For the most part these behaviors are easy to spot and relatively easy to leave behind.

However, since the old behaviors from past lives are mostly unconscious and automatic, they are not as easy to notice. Yet old patterns continue to interfere with our happiness. And usually when we finally notice a pattern we explain it away by saying, “I don’t know why I do this”.

No matter what it looks like to us as observers, no one deliberately takes actions to sabotage or interfere with their own happiness.

Also, while we say that we want to change, changing is a process that can be tedious and even messy at times.

Bringing these karmic patterns to conscious awareness definitely accelerates the time it takes to become free from them.

And here is a way you can begin for now.

Because this new moon is particularly powerful, you might want to include in your wishes this month this statement: “I wish to have unconscious karmic patterns easily lifted from me”.

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