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Beginnings of Psychic Ability

Have you ever have an idea who is on the phone before you answered? How many times have you finished someone’s sentence before they do? Maybe you have even said “I knew that was going to happen!”. Even though these examples are not dramatic, they are all the beginnings of psychic ability.

  1. Experiences like these are often labeled “intuition” or “accelerated logic”. No matter what you call them, take the time to write them down. Just make a brief note, date that note and put it away. When you’ve been doing this consistently for two or three weeks, go back and read your notes. You’ll be surprised at how many times you were right.
  2. This is the beginning of developing your psychic ability. One of the first laws of psychology is what you reinforce you get more of. So here’s a chance to make that law work for you!


Anyone who tells me they don’t believe in psychic ability is also telling me that they’re doing what we have all been instructed to do. We have all been instructed (sometimes in a subtle way, and sometimes in a very direct way) to downplay, discount or sometimes completely ignore our own psychic experiences.

Using our psychic ability doesn’t mean that we discard the rational logical critical thinking skills that we have all worked so hard to develop. We might be right-handed or left-handed, but we still use both hands to get things accomplished. So why not use both sides of the brain, our critical thinking skills and our psychic ability?


My psychic ability developed out of necessity. I found myself with a child to raise and no source of income other than what I could provide. When my physical difficulties began, neither medical nor religious leaders had much to offer. I was basically on my own, trying to decide what to do next.

There was no one I trusted to take care of my daughter, and I knew I would do anything to give her the life she deserved.


Because of my upbringing I do believe in God. I believe that we are children of God, at the very least part of God’s creation. And I believe that God is the source of all love. I knew how much I love my daughter and what I would do to help her in any way I could. Was I to believe that I loved my daughter more than God loved me? Logic told me that that made absolutely no sense.


And so I came to believe that there was help for me in my situation. My job was to listen and look for the help on an everyday basis. As part of that listening process, my psychic ability began to develop and it continues to grow even now.

We all have psychic ability. Sometimes psychic ability may be dormant, but it is there just the same. So, if there is a situation you are dealing with now, and what I have said makes sense to you, this might be a good time to start developing your own psychic skills.

Start with the instructions above. Keep records for 2 or 3 weeks. Since everyone has their own unique way of receiving psychic information, see if you can start to identify your own pattern.

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