I’m Over 40 Life Was Great And Now It’s Falling Apart. Help!

I’m Over 40 Life Was Great And Now It’s Falling Apart. Help!

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come with a handbook – it comes with surprises. They may be good they may be bad. But they come no matter if you are ready for them or not. In one of my psychic readings, a client came to me looking for guidance regarding her current relationship, career and financial outlook, which to her wasn’t looking so favorable.

Dear Cynthia,

My life is falling apart.

I am a 42-year-old woman who has done fairly well in her career. I have been cautious and conservative in my investments. My relationships with other colleagues in my company have gone well. And I am spending time with people who I enjoy, and seeing a man who I think might be the right one for me.

All of the sudden, things seem to be falling apart. The company is making changes which may require me to move. My investments don’t seem to be growing. And worst of all, the man I have been seeing suddenly decided that we need some space.

What is happening to me? What am I doing wrong? Please give me some insights.

40-Something Inquirer

Dear 40-Something Inquirer,

I can understand how confusing it must be to have things change so dramatically all of the sudden. There could be several reasons that things seem to be falling apart. But a big one, in particular, is the fact that you are 42.

The 40s are a decade of change for everyone. This is when the universe begins to bring in energy for positive change. This is the time when we are encouraged to take the next step in our evolution. The first 40 years of our life are about learning to deal with the physical world. Of course, there are experiences that seem to lead us to look at our spiritual life.

But the majority of the first 40 years of our lives is about developing and growing in the physical world.

The next 40 years we are being pushed in a different direction. It is a time of personal evolvement. During these years, some of our traditional ways of doing things no longer work. So, we begin to look for something more, something beyond what we have always done.

This is the time we begin to pay more attention to our spiritual lives. As we search for new ways of doing things, we look at the world of energy, intuition, and psychic ability.

We spent the first 40 years developing our capacity for logic and for reasoning. We’ve learned about goal setting, persistence, and developing a strong work ethic.

All these are extremely valuable qualities that we want to take with us as we explore our own intuition and the world of energy and psychic ability.

There are a multitude of books written on these subjects. You may want to wander through a bookstore, just looking at titles that catch your eye. When you find a book that appeals to you pick it up and hold it in your hands leaf through the pages and notice how you feel as you hold this book. Based on your feelings, decide if this book is for you.

This is how I first began to study healing, intuition, and psychic ability. I discovered many surprising and useful things about the world we live in.
Learn how to listen to your intuition. I know this can work for you too.

Warm regards,

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