Joplin’s Butterflies & Angels

You may have had your fill of the spiritual psychic meaning of butterflies, of what butterflies represent and how people have gotten inspiration and comfort from butterflies.

However, I know you’re going to have to make room for just one more after you’ve heard the story I am about to tell.

On May 22, 2011, the city of Joplin Missouri was hit by an immense tornado that created a wide swath of destruction across the city itself. While there were many killed by the tornado, there were a large number of survivors, many of them children.

As a means of dealing with the trauma these children were encouraged to make drawings. While these children didn’t seem to have any connections other than the tornado, something strange was happening. What slowly started to emerge were the many pictures of butterflies. And when different children were asked about the butterflies in their pictures, a surprising number of them explained that a butterfly took care of them while the tornado was happening.

One child’s father covered her with his body as the tornado passed overhead. His shoes were blown off his feet in the storm. Later, this little girl told her dad that she wasn’t worried during the storm because a butterfly was holding them down.

Listening to the spontaneous accounts of the children who had survived this traumatic event with the help of butterflies inspired leaders of the community of Joplin to create an enduring monument to those who perished and to those who survived.

“Butterfly Angels,” of the Butterfly Garden & Outlook.

The butterfly garden pays tribute to those who were lost. And at the same time the garden itself has become a place of healing and inspiration. It’s well worth whatever time and effort it takes to make a visit.

As a psychic any story involving angels always catches my eye. Many of my clients have stories of their own to tell about moments of guidance and inspiration.

What stays with me is the simplicity and beauty of the stories the children told. It is a reminder that help from other realms is available to us at unexpected times and places in our lives.


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