Can I trust, love this Person? Are they right for me?

Is he/she the right one for me?

When you first meet someone, it is often confusing. This is such an important question and it’s the kind of question that can’t be answered just using logic or intuition alone. You need to use both of these skills together.

An important thing to notice is how your potential mate treats other people. Is he considerate of other people, no matter what their station in life? Is she critical of other people’s behavior or appearance? How do his/her parents treat one another? This is particularly important to notice because you may be dealing with the same pattern or the polar opposite in your own relationship.

I often tell people to make a list of the qualities that they want in a relationship. And one of the qualities I recommend that they include is someone who is ready, willing, and capable of working out differences. This is the one that most people forget. When differences do come up, some people are willing to try, while others just want to run away. And in a healthy relationship differences will come up.

So as always, let your logic and your intuition work hand-in-hand. So whether you are with Mr. Right, or Mr. Right Now, you do have the ability to create the relationship that you want!


Does he/she still love me?

If you are in a difficult relationship right now, there is hope. With quite a few of the relationships that I work with the problem is one of communication. When people first get together they talk things over with one another. When problems start to show up it’s generally because there are things they can’t discuss, let alone agree about.

Sometimes it’s as simple as communication style. Maybe you’re the person who looks at the big picture, while your partner is very detail oriented. Perhaps your partner is looking at the future, while you’re concerned about the present. Perhaps you are the idea person and your partner is the one who sees the holes in the plan. This one is particularly irritating because the idea person feels constantly stopped and unable to move forward. While the person who sees the holes in the plan has no legitimate way to voice their concerns.

There are many other communication styles at play as well. But the interesting thing about all the styles is that you and your partner might change positions at any time, depending on the subject.

So think about your last several conversations. Try to imagine those conversations as though you are just overhearing two people talk. Can you see if any of those patterns seem to apply?

And then try to find some areas where you both can agree. Chances are you both want the same thing, but you going about getting it in different ways.


Can I trust him/her?

Can I trust him? Is she cheating on me? Can I believe the things they are telling me? Trusting someone is a complicated thing. And it’s very difficult to rebuild once it’s lost. One of the things you have to ask yourself is, what do I mean? Can I trust him/her to do what? Sometimes couples haven’t really spelled out what they expect from one another. In this instance, it’s best to think about what you really want, and ask for it a nonthreatening way, without making any accusations.

Unfortunately, people do lie. People lie for many reasons and not always for reasons that seem obvious to you. And again, unfortunately, some people are quite good at lying. So this is another time when it’s important to pay attention to your feelings and get more information.


This is valuable information that applies to all relationships. For information specific to your situation, you may want to schedule a private reading with Cynthia.


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