Can You Help Others

It seems that everyone has someone that they would like to help. But many times we are unable to help on the physical level. There are also times when helping on the physical level is not appropriate. The following technique is one that I developed many years ago, a technique that we should always use, even if helping on the physical level is possible. This is a way to send help without interfering. You are going to send energy to the part of the person that makes good decisions.

Imagine in your mind’s eye that there is a blank screen. Now, flood that screen with whatever color seems beautiful to you. In the lower left-hand corner of that screen see the face of the person that you want to help.

Please recall a piece of music that is inspiring to you, that makes you feel that life is good. It does not necessarily have to be spiritual. It can be whatever you choose.

Now imagine that you are hearing this music. And just as you hear this music, see the face of this person move quickly from the lower left hand corner into the center of your screen. See them increase in size and come to rest at eye level, smiling.

When you find that you are smiling back at the person on the screen, that lets you know that they have received the energy that you have sent.

When you help a person in this way, not only are you helping them now, you are also enabling them to be more resourceful in dealing with situations in the future.