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How You get Psychic Information

There are many ways that psychic information can come. You can see a picture in your head that happens spontaneously. Sometimes people hear a voice. For some people, it’s a quiet voice. And sometimes it’s a loud voice that shouts (that is usually when something is urgent). Other times it can be a persistent voice and most of the time it sounds like your own voice.

The information can also come as a sensation. A pain in your stomach or a tightness at your throat. And quite often psychic information comes as a combination of all three, pictures, sounds, and sensations.

Years ago, I traveled with the Association for Research and Enlightenment assisting in classes that helped people develop their psychic ability. There were seven of us all together, and each of us had different methods for using our abilities, but the information always came in either pictures, sounds, or sensations.

So, if you are looking at your abilities, and keeping track of your insights, inklings, and premonitions, you will find that when you are most accurate, there is a pattern. You will find that when you are accurate, psychic information comes to you, it comes in a certain way, a picture or sound or sensation.

While this may feel a little labor-intensive, it is definitely worth the effort. While I can work with you to help you find your own pattern, this is something that you can do for yourself.

What you always want to remember is that you are already receiving psychic information. All you have to do is take the steps to uncover it.