With this unprecedented and uncertain time in the world right now, a lot of us are having troubles coping with our anxiety. We’d love to share a few tips on how you can manage this anxious feelings and stay mentally well during this frightening period.

  1. Limit your time watching Television & the News

“Remember, the purpose of television is to get you to watch more television” Jimmy Breslin author and columnist.

Because of the coronavirus and the quarantine, I’m sure that most of us are watching more television than we usually do. And if you are feeling anxiety (and who isn’t) watching TV and watching your newsfeed isn’t helping any!

We do have to pay attention. We have to stay informed. However, we can do that be catching the news at most only once a day.

  1. Easy to do tips for Chakra Balancing 

Whether you are new to the idea of psychic ability, energy, or thought transference, or whether these are familiar terms to you, this technique is easy and will work.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of chakras or energy centers that exist in human body. There are seven main chakras. These chakras bring energy in and out of the body, according to east Indian tradition.


For this exercise we’ll be working with the Third Eye Chakra, and the Solar Plexus (or the Belly) Chakra.

Have you ever been told something that made you feel like you had just been punched in the gut? Well that’s the belly chakra. The Third Eye Chakra is in the middle of your four head just above your nose.

So, have you located the chakras on your body? Then we are all set to go ahead.

Step 1: Take note of what level you’re anxiety is at, giving it a number of 0 through 10.

Step 2: Having chosen a number, cover your belly chakra. You can cover the chakra with a pillow, a blanket, a newspaper, a legal pad, anything that you have at hand. With this chakra covered, count to 20 and recalibrate.

Step 3: With the previous number you chose in mind, ask yourself how does your anxiety level feel now?

Step 4: Keeping the belly chakra covered, now cover your third eye. Again, count to 20, and again recalibrate.

Step 5: Now take a note of where your anxiety level is at. Has it reduced from it’s initial number?

Take a moment to congratulate yourself. You were just able to reduce your anxiety level by focusing your energy and centering your chakras. You can utilize this technique whenever you’re feeling out of control to refocus and center your mind, releasing some of those anxious unwanted thoughts.

Is your anxiety not fully gone? Let’s say your number wasn’t fully at 0. We can further investigate where the rest of that anxiety is coming from. You may be picking up on anxiety of people that you live with, or people that you are concerned about, or just the anxiety that all of us are feeling at this moment in time. We are connected to one another through energy. When I watch people talking to one another, I can see the energy flowing from throat chakra to throat chakra, or heart chakra to heart chakra, and of course from belly chakra to belly chakra.

Some of us are more sensitive than others, but we are all connected to one another. And especially at times like these, we are connected to the ones we love. We also are connected to the suffering that we see and to the suffering that we imagine that other people are going through at this time. We can still be compassionate to other people without actually having to feel their emotions. When we have only our own emotions to feel and process, we are more resourceful and capable of doing the things we need to do on the physical level.

**Extra Tips:** Try covering the belly chakra when you are having a stressful phone call. You can test this by covering the belly chakra as you talk, and uncovering it just to notice a difference for yourself.

And again, no matter what network you’re watching, or where you get your news, remember the words of Jimmy Breslin “the purpose of television is to get you to watch more television”.