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“Because I see what others miss, I know the true person behind the behaviors. I approach your needs with compassion, and I invite you to embrace a new direction in your life today!” – Cynthia Becker

Clairvoyant Spiritual Psychic Cynthia Becker smiling, wearing purple with shaal

Clairvoyant Spiritual Psychic Cynthia Becker

Do you have questions in Life that need answers? Private questions about Love and Commitment?  Unresolved issues about those you’ve lost? Worries that trouble your life? A psychic reading may help.

Cynthia’s psychic abilities have helped hundreds of people discover the genuine love they sought, or find closure and heal from the pain of loss. If you want to gain the insight needed to make choices that lead to happiness and well-being in your life, isn’t it time to take a positive step toward the spiritual awareness found in psychic contact?

Cynthia’s live psychic readings invite a connection to the people in your life, and the spiritual plane, revealing hidden meanings and answers you might otherwise never know. Schedule a telephone psychic reading with Cynthia now, and begin anew your journey of fulfillment.

Cynthia provides for those seeking answers in Love, Life and Afterlife:

Dallas Psychic Phone Reading: Cynthia has the rare ability to give people much more than accurate psychic predictions.Spiritual Psychic Dallas Psychic Cynthia Becker

Cynthia, Psychic Dallas, can help you:

  • Find out why things are happening in your life
  • See what you can do to make a difference.
  • Use practical and spiritual psychic guidance for personal relationships and major decisions.
  • Feel a more spiritual psychic connection with the path you are on.
  • Find out how to stop getting in your own way.
  • Gain hope and confidence, with practical ways to proceed in the real world.

Dallas Psychic Spiritual Reading

As a Dallas Psychic Spiritual Reader, Cynthia is considered by many of her clients to be one of the true spiritual psychics in Texas and in America. A spiritual psychic reading does not mean religious.

Cynthia’s Accurate Readings have a spiritual psychic and healing quality to them. Many people in Dallas report feeling a psychic spiritual connection beyond words. read more…

It is best to follow your instinct. If it feels right to work with Cynthia, go online and schedule an appointment. It‘s much easier and faster to schedule online because she may be tied up with clients and unable take your call. Then we end up playing phone tag. However if you have an emergency or some questions about scheduling, billing or logistics that you would like to answer before scheduling your appointment feel free to give us a call at 618-283-9296.

Improve your relationships.
Learn what can motivate people you deal with.
Discover the hidden agendas of people you are thinking about doing business with.
Find lost objects.
Find the right person for you.
Develop your own accurate psychic ability.


Please note: Readings and Life Coaching are offered by phone to anyone, anywhere seeking Cynthia’s help! Contact her to learn more.




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