I grew up in a family of physicians (not exactly a supportive environment where I could develop my abilities as a psychic!). I was a single mom at the time when one of my brothers developed a very serious illness. Since he was in California and I was in St. Louis, I couldn’t go to see him. And at that time even the doctors couldn’t do much for him, except to offer him supportive care. He was left with many side effects and went through a long period of rehabilitation.

Because of these factors, and because of the strong belief in something greater than myself, I became interested in different types of healing. Since then, I have studied many different kinds of healing and it has become a lifelong passion and pursuit for me.

The first time I experienced energy healing was taking a course in Reiki, which is a type of energy healing that comes from Japan. Since then, I have worked with an Irish touch healer, a Russian energy healer, an American Indian healer, and a Vietnamese healer to name a few. I have also worked with flower essences, crystals, and stones.

While I have been fortunate enough to work with many healers in person, I have also learned how to heal at a distance.

And this is what leads me to the point of my story.

While all these systems were able to get results with some of the people some of the time, no one discipline was able to get results with all of the people all the time (to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln). And the curious thing here was that many of the systems had contradicting beliefs about what it was you had to do to get any results at all.

So, I began to look for what the systems had in common. I began to look for patterns. And these are the patterns that I found.

  • Each system was intricate.
  • Each system was detailed in its own way, but not necessarily in ways that matched other systems.
  • So, while I was able to get results using different systems, intricacy and detail were not the complete answer.

Also, the practitioners of these systems had very little in common. But one thing that they did have in common was a strong belief in what they were doing. Not only did they believe in the power of their system, they also believed in their own ability to make the system work.

And again, this brings me to the point of my story.

From the experiences in my life, I know that energy exists.

I have felt it from John of God, a healer from South America. I have felt it from a chiropractor who is very detailed in his knowledge of the body and devoted to his work. I have felt it from a Chinese acupuncturist in Boston Massachusetts named Tom Tam. Mr. Tam has developed Tong Ren, a system of distance healing that is producing tangible, verifiable and miraculous results on a daily basis.