The 7 Hidden Windows of Opportunity

There are certain points that occur in everyone’s lifetime that affect the direction their life will take. Knowing about these windows of opportunity gives you a certain advantage. You understand what to prepare for, and you are not taken by surprise when these windows appear on your horizon.

This information is not common knowledge. It cannot be found anywhere else. It is based on the studying I have done, data I have accumulated, and personal observations that I have seen during the time I have been working as a psychic. I have taken the time to organize all of this information in one place so that everyone can benefit from it.

Not everyone knows about these windows. But having some advance knowledge gives you an insight that makes all the difference in how you transition through these periods. Not only that, this will give you knowledge on how to use these transition points to your advantage.

Whether you are going through one of these windows at this time, or you have one coming up, here are some things you need to know.


Age 28

This is the first major window in your life. In astrology it’s called a Saturn return. And what that means is all the planets are lining up the same way they did when you were born. This happens every 28 years. And while there are other meanings as well, essentially, it is brand new life!

This is the time when you are passing from “young adult” into adulthood. You may feel restless and dissatisfied with your life at the moment. But the energy is here to begin creating the life you want. At this time you may find yourself rethinking your career choices as well as your choice of friends and associates.

But that restless feeling is there because of the surge of energy that is coming to help you move forward.


The next window is age 36

This transition point is again a time of evaluating relationships, career progress, and generally what’s important in life for you.

This is also a good time to look at and perhaps reevaluate your ethics, your values, and who you are as a person. This is also a time to examine your beliefs. Do you still believe the things that you were taught as a child?

How do you see the world now that you have some experience under our belt? What beliefs do you want to change? And what do you want to remain the same as you go forward?

It has been said the first 40 years of our lives are spent learning about the physical world. How does it work? And how do we take care of ourselves in this physical world? What are the things we need to do to have a good life?

The next 40 years are about developing our spiritual life, learning about the world of energy, learning how to regard our fellow human beings and examining our beliefs about the existence of something beyond ourselves.


The next window of opportunity is age 42

This is a big one! If you are past that 42nd year, look back and see what happened in your life. If you are approaching 42, this is the time to prepare. About the middle of your 41st year a huge surge of energy will begin to show up in your life. This energy can feel at times like a category five hurricane.

The 42nd year is a time when major life changes show up. And many of them are unexpected. This is the time when your company moves across the country and your job goes with it. This is the time when relationships are faced with major challenges. This is also the time when family status changes as children move out or go away to school.

What’s happening in this roller coaster of a year? This is when the universe is tapping you on the shoulder and asking you to take stock of where you’re going with your life. What is it that you need to change? Or maybe a better question is what have you put off that you really need to change? Have you stayed at that job too long. Maybe there are red flags that showed up in your relationship that you have been ignoring.

In essence the universe is tapping you on the shoulder in a not very gentle way, asking “do you like where you’re headed?”.

As the years of dealing with the pandemic have shown us, most of us are not comfortable with drastic change. So, when 42 comes around, especially if you’re not expecting it, the changes can really knock you off balance.

As always, the surge of energy that comes in at this time, while it may be disruptive, it’s there to help you change the things you need to change. It’s there to help you to look at where your life is going. It may not seem like it at the time, but mixed in with this whirlwind of energy is the ability to make the changes that will improve your life as you go forward.


Age 45

The next window is age 45. Compared to 42, this flash point is a walk in the park. These energies are quiet and steady. If after that 42nd year, you did the work and decided what you want to change, this energy will support and expand the result of the efforts that you’ve made.

If you haven’t made those changes, however, this energy will feel insistent. It’s as though the universe taps you on the shoulder at 42 and now the universe is taking you by the shoulders, saying “do you really want to be going down this path?”.


Window at 49

The very next window of opportunity is at the 49th year. This is when those changes that you’ve been working on really come to fruition. This is when you see the value of the hard work you’ve been doing since your 42nd year.

But if you have been ignoring the subtle taps on the shoulder and 42 and 45 (well, not so subtle 42), this is where you get hit with the cosmic 2 x 4!

This is the year where those issues that have been in the background, nipping at your heels, come to the forefront with a bang! This is when the major explosion occurs. And you find yourself no longer able to ignore those things that have been calling for your attention during the entire decade of your 40s.

The universe is putting your issues in your face in a way that you can no longer ignore. And then the hard work of recovery and adjustment begins. This can be one of the biggest and most difficult periods of transition.


The window is age 54

54 is an ending year. This is the time when many things seem to come to an end, whether or not you want that to happen. People begin to think about retirement. Sometimes there are unexpected career changes. Sometimes people think about moving away.

This energy can be as mild as an ongoing restlessness. Or it can be a time when people are reevaluating their life path, even looking at themselves in a very critical light. When taken to extremes, this energy can generate fear of the future.

That’s why it’s important to know about these energetic shifts before they happen.

The true purpose of the energy of 54 is to create that evaluative time. Because the next flashpoint is age 56!



56 is the second Saturn return. And this is our second chance at brand-new life! This is our opportunity to go into the next 56 years with the experience and knowledge that we have accumulated in the first 56!

When you know this ahead of time it can be a very joyful time. As with each of these periods the energy may feel disruptive but it is there to create positive change. The energy only feels disruptive when you don’t know about it ahead of time. When you know it’s coming, use it to your advantage.