One of my psychic reading clients’ had trouble deciding on which house to buy. They were in-between two homes but were afraid to choose one over the other. So they contacted me to give them a precise psychic reading about the choice that laid ahead of them.


Dear Cynthia,

My husband and I have been looking at homes for a while now. We have finally found two homes that we think will fit our needs. But we are undecided as to which home is best for us. Since they both seem to have everything we want, how do we decide on the right one?

Hope you can help!
Unsure Home Buyer


Dear Unsure Home Buyer,

Thank you for calling and asking my guidance for your upcoming home purchase. I can see the two homes. Let’s label them “Home A” & “Home B”.

There wasn’t anything noticeable popping out when I looked at Home A. Though, Home B on the other hand I can see physical damage, you might have missed it when you first visited the home. But as I stood by the front door I can see water damage in the far left corner of the room. Please go back to Home B and take a look for yourselves.

Much love,
Cynthia Becker


Dear Cynthia,

Thanks so much for your advice. When we returned for a third visit we paid much closer attention to the area that you described and sure enough there was water damage. Fortunately, the seller agreed to correct the problem. Thanks again so much for saving us a considerable expense that we were not prepared to handle.

Thank you!
Unsure Home Buyer


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