Hacks to Handle Anxiety

When you are feeling anxious, there is one easy way to get a grip on what’s happening. And that’s to ask yourself “where am I right now, did I just visit the past, present, or am I in an imagined future?”. (As a psychic, I can glimpse energy fields. I’m able to see the change when a person jumps to the past or to the future. And of course, it is always an imagined future).

Unless you are sitting in the room with a Tiger, or there is a SWAT team gathering outside your house, nothing really is going on in the present moment that should make you anxious. So that means you have made a lightning quick visit to the past or to an imagined future that is based on something you have seen or heard.

Back to the Present

When you deliberately bring your attention back to the present, it gives you a way to take a breath, exhale, calm down, and assess your situation. (For most of us, it’s going to take several breaths to bring our attention back to the present.)

Also, for most of us, our anxiety is accompanied by a feeling of helplessness. So being in the present puts us in a place where we can think more clearly and look to see what options we can take to handle the situation that’s confronting us.

The Next Step

The next step we can take is to get up and move around, physically move our bodies. If you’re sitting down, get up and move to another chair. And this is where you might begin to look at steps the you can take.

When you ask yourself, what steps can I take to handle my situation, be sure to move your eyes up and to the left. For most people, these eye movements activate the creative part of the brain/mind. You may also find yourself moving your eyes to the upper left. This activates the part of the brain where memories are stored. So it will give you a way to tap into solutions that you may have used in the past.

Help our mind work for us.

Since all of these reactions are happening at lightning speed, you may have to rehearse in your mind the steps that you would take when you feel anxiety coming on. This is where you can create a little video for yourself. In your mind’s eye, see yourself getting anxious. First notice how you pay attention to your breathing, and then perhaps see yourself moving to another chair. Make sure you are looking up and to the right while you are asking that question.

Then when you ask yourself, how can I handle this situation,

Be sure to play this video four or five times in your mind. That way it will be generated automatically the next time you need it.