Logical approach to psychic ability

You don’t think logic and psychic ability should be in the same sentence? Well, think again! You have worked to train yourself to think logically and rationally.

So, as you explore the world of psychic phenomena and psychic ability, be certain to bring your logic and your rational capabilities along with you!

There are many reports of psychic ability in documents as a varied as the Bible, and the Oracle of Delphi. There are ancient writings as well as modern-day accounts of psychic ability in most cultures of the world.

One can choose to ignore this fact. But any logical person would have to admit that there is something behind this phenomena because it seems to occur in so many places and throughout so many time periods in history.

Neil Dagnall and Ken Drinkwater of Manchester Metropolitan University have written an article that goes on to explain why they feel the phenomena exists, and at the same time discounting psychic ability itself.

This is a valuable article, and brings up many points that should be taken into account when looking at psychic ability.

But when you have had a psychic experience, that is, knowing an event would happen before it happens, or knowing something that you have no logical way of knowing, no article, no matter how well-written, and no scientific study is going to change your mind about what happened.

You know what happened. And many times the information that you received, the timing of that experience, is so dramatic that there will never be any doubt in your mind that you received that information seemingly from out of the blue.

Also, any scientific study begins with a hypothesis. For example, “Psychic ability exists” or “Psychic ability does not exist”. Either premise makes it difficult to be objective.

Psychic ability in a Laboratory

Psychic ability is extremely difficult to reproduce in a laboratory setting. Just as with anything else, the mind gets bored with too many repetitions. It’s very easy to lose focus when one is frustrated. The emotions of tension and frustration themselves directly interfere with psychic ability. Just like everyone else, for most psychics it’s difficult to function under pressure.

Therefore, scientific attempts to explain away psychic ability really don’t hold much validity.

The one place where scientific research on psychic phenomena seems to shine is in the University of Virginia’s Division of Perceptual Studies. This organization has for years collected stories of children that are born remembering past lives. For 50+ years they have been gathering these stories. In the instances where they can verify things that these children remember, they have taken the time to document what the child says and what they themselves have been able to verify. With over 2500 cases to date, the researchers are continuing to gather information and all the details that they themselves are able to confirm.

So, if and when a psychic event occurs in your life, resist the temptation to negate the experience. Take the time to write down the details of the information you received and at what time you received it. In this writer’s experience, Generally speaking, once this phenomena occurs in your life it will happen again.

Next, stay focused on what is happening. While wondering where it (psychic information) came from, and why, are all worthwhile questions, these are questions to be addressed in the future.

Be certain to keep a journal of this event and other events like this. Always be certain to note the date and time of the occurrence. Remember, this is where the first law of psychology becomes useful (what you reinforce, you get more of).

Enjoy your adventure!


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