Yes, I have to confess I’ve been at the movies again! One of the many movies that caught my eye is titled “The Man Who Knew Infinity”. Go to this movie with all your rational, logical friends. You know the ones I’m talking about, the ones who roll their eyes and shake their heads when you talk about anything psychic!

This is the life story of one of the most prominent mathematicians of all time. He developed theories and equations that are still being used today. With little formal education, he filled notebooks with theory so impressive that Trinity College in England brought him from India to investigate more about his writings.

The man’s name was Srinivasa Ramanujan, and his story is impressive in so many ways. The year was 1913 when he first came to England and the movie chronicles all the difficulties and struggles he faced as he proved the correctness of his theories. And now, 104 years later, the contributions that he made are still unfolding!

Ramanujan brought through information that was not only logical and rational, it was provable and useful in the hands of others. And it is still being used to this day in the study of black holes!

There are lots of things to take away from this movie. But the source of Ramanujan’s inspiration and how he felt about his work is what is really most powerful. Go see this movie and decide for yourself.