Manifesting In The New Millennium

Life is uncertain. There is really no constant in the world other than ourselves, our thoughts and our directions. Though, there at times that this isn’t the case. Yes, you may be right there – random set of events are out of our control. However, your lives, the path that we want to take it is what we make from it. We materialize the unseen, the dreams that we desire, and this is done most of the time without using wanting it into existence. Let’s see how we can consciously have an active part in bringing our desires to realization. Let’s manifest our wants.

What Does It Mean To Manifest?

“Manifesting,” or the practice of thinking with the purpose of making it real is now prominent in social media as memes. “You can be driving this car, if you just comment YES!”. These and many other memes like this are sprinkled all over social media feeds.

The simple act of hoping for a better future is driving the practice of manifesting to unforeseen heights. What used to be crystals and cards is now as simple as commenting an affirmation to Instagram meme. You don’t even have to leave your house! As good as that may seem, the intention is nice but the action is substance-less.

Manifesting comes in many forms: The law of attraction, the belief that all thoughts eventually become things, and if you think positively, positive things will come to you; the act of manifesting has existed since the New Thought spiritual movement of the 19th century.

Here are some of the most powerful secrets to bring your desires into manifestation. By practicing the steps below, manifestation can be way more than a social media affirmation.

Be Clear With What You Don’t Want

The first step for most of us is to be clear about what we don’t want. Take out a pad of paper and review the past year or so. Begin jotting down what ever comes to mind. Focus on the things that were the most unpleasant or undesirable. Write down the things and situations you don’t want in your life any more. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which situations or events do I not want to repeat?
  • Which actions or reactions of mine would I like to change?
  • Are there any recurring themes or patterns?

Now stop for a moment. Put down your pad of paper. Stand up, breathe, physically shake it off and loosen up. Dance, stretch, jump up and down, go to another room and get a drink of water or whatever. Breathe and fill your lungs and spirit with fresh new energy!

Prioritize Your Desires

Now that you know what you don’t want, simplify your life by prioritizing your list. You can get a lot farther faster by focusing your energy on one single well-defined outcome at a time. Feel free to use your own system for prioritizing your list or try this: Take a breath. Relax. Drop inside, and ask yourself, “What would I like to change first?” Notice what comes to mind. Accept that as the best place to begin.

Gain A New Perspective

When tackling the problem you want to address, imagine you are recording the entire situation on video – you are unfolding everything on video: the reasons, uncovering the personal attachments and barriers it brings to your life. Then hold that video cassette in your hands for a moment knowing that everything about that situation and all its implications are inside that plastic case stored on that magnetic strip and feel yourself comfortably on the outside.

Step into the role of an observer, knowing that all the uncomfortable feelings of that situation belong to those people inside that tape. Notice what it is like to be detached and on the outside for a while.

Then respectfully label the tape. Give it a name that fits, and lay it on the table over there. Move it as far away from you as you need to gain the perspective of a detached observer.

As you find yourself feeling more centered, ask yourself, “What do I want instead?” Write your answers down.

What You Want Instead

Now let’s refine your answer into a format the universe can more readily bring into reality for you.

1. Most of us go through life not really sure of what we want but feeling darn sure this isn’t it. Sometimes it seems like anything would be better than this. However, if your energies are focused too heavily on what you want to avoid you could be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Notice if your desired outcome is stated in terms of what you want rather than what you don’t want. Make sure it is moving you towards something specific and desirable rather than away from something undesirable.

2. Many of us have adopted outcomes that are not truly ours. We’ve internalized the expectations and demands of our society, doctor, religion, advertisements, parents, work, piers, or other groups. Is your outcome something you truly “want and desire” or is it something you “should”, “ought to”, or “have to”? When outcomes are not from with in, we generally find ourselves conflicted. Part of us wants one thing while another part of us (sometimes in the background) wants something else. Make sure your outcome is truly yours. Make sure your outcome comes from deep within you. If not, re-word your outcome until it feels right to all parts of you congruently. If you are not able to, this may not be the right outcome for you at this time.

3. Stop for a moment and think about having your outcome. Notice how juicy your desire is. If there isn’t much juice than there may not be much personal fulfillment at the end of your effort. Make sure your desired outcome is both attractive to you and worth-while for you personally.

4. Finally make sure your desired outcome is about you and within your control. In other words, make sure your desired outcome does not depend upon someone else to change or take action. We cannot change other people. When we “need” someone else to change, we are giving our power away to them. They become in charge of our happiness. Remember that no one can take away our power; it can only be given away.

Take Responsibility For Your Own Actions and Reactions

Some people do manipulate others to get them to do what they want. However when people are manipulated, no matter how subtly, there is an awareness of the manipulation on some level and the relationship is damaged. Respect, trust and intimacy begin to erode. People may stay together yet become more isolated from each other.

If your outcome requires someone else to change, you might consider that the most powerful way to free another person from their own stuck patterns is to take the pressure off; stop needing them to change. Instead, begin to take responsibility for your own actions and reactions. This does not mean that you put up with disrespectful or inappropriate behavior. This means that you focus your energy on being in charge of and taking care of your own feelings, needs and desires. And, without judgment or time frames, give the other person the mental and energetic permission to do the same.

Take a moment now to think about your outcome. Notice the differences in how your outcome feels to you now. Notice how your relationship with your outcome has evolved. By following these steps you are completing the first phase of bringing your energies into a more powerful focus.

Now let’s discover how to refine and magnify your outcome to bring even more of your power and energies into focus.

The steps below are specifically designed to align all the parts of your being into congruent unity. The goal is to bring more and more parts of your psyche into alignment. The more levels of your being that you can bring into alignment with your outcome the more of your energies will be dedicated to and focused on manifesting what you want.

Let’s review the outcome you started in this article.

  1. Is it stated in positive terms? What you want as apposed to what you don’t want.
  2. Is it truly your outcome or is it an outcome that you should go for?
  3. Is it meaningful and worth-while for you personally?
  4. Is it about you and within your control?

If you are not sure about any of these go back and reread this article.

Now let’s move into the next phase to successfully focus our energies towards accomplishing our outcome.

Take a moment now to imagine you already have your outcome. Follow this procedure with all your heart and soul.

Try this. Pick a time in the future when your outcome can have manifested. Some people find it easier to pick a specific date, for example, 6 months or 1 year from today. Pretend and imagine you are there and you have already had your outcome for some time now.

Ask yourself these questions and fill in the blanks with what ever your outcome is:

  • How would I be standing or sitting if I had [_________]?
  • How would I be holding my body?
  • How would my posture be?

Do it with your body. Actually act as if you already have this outcome right now.

  • How would I be breathing if I had [________]?

And allow yourself to breathe this way. Act as if … and step into it as if it is real right now.

While you are imagining what it is like to actually have achieved your outcome, ask yourself what does having this make possible that is even more important. What will having that do for me that is even more important?

How will you know when you have it?

Look at the scope of your outcome. How big and comprehensive is your outcome? Is it about changing the world or changing yourself? Does your outcome involve total or massive transformation or is it a manageable chunk size?