If you’ve been reading our newsletter, you probably already think “outside the box”. And since this is the holiday season with lots of parties and celebrations on the horizon, here is an amazing “outside the box” idea for you!

First, here’s a little background.

When Bill and I were teaching classes, we took the participants through multiple exercises to help them get in touch with their own abilities. We separated the participants into two groups. One group left the room, while the other one stayed with us. Let’s call them group A and group B. Group A left the room. All they were told to do was to reenter the room when it was time, shake hands with the members of group B, and notice how they felt afterward.

Group B was told to act as they normally would if they were shaking hands, but to think to themselves “I’m really tired today”.

Group A came back into the room, shook hands with the people in group B and left the room. After they left the room, they shared what they had felt with the instructor who left the room with them.

Next, group B was told to shake hands with group A as they normally would when they came back into the room for the second time, but this time group B was to mentally project “I’m glad I’m here”.

Again, group A came in and shook hands and left the room.

This third and last time, group B was to shake hands as they normally would, but to project the thought “I’m glad you’re here”.

By this time everyone was laughing and waiting to hear the results of the exercise. And, of course, you guessed it. Most of the participants were able to feel a subtle difference between first and second statements, but a major positive difference between either of the first two and the third statement.

So my suggestion to you over this holiday season, is to experiment with the mental message that you’re sending. You may find that in many ways the mental message supersedes whatever it is you’re saying verbally.

Sometimes when you send a mental message with your smile you may not even need the words at all.

Since we can’t be with you in person to shake your hand, let us wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best for the coming year!

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