MANY of the calls that I am getting are about people feeling stuck, and overwhelmed.

Pam Younghans, in her newsletter the Northpointe Journal, describes the planetary activity for this week. She goes into great detail about planetary activity, the new moon and the eclipse that is occurring on the same day. This is one of her observations.

“Perhaps this eclipse is designed to help us become aware of one very specific way many of us give away our power — by getting overwhelmed by what we perceive as bad news and allowing it to eat away at our energy and faith.”

We all know that even though certain events seem to create feelings, it’s not the event itself that is creating the feeling. The feelings come from whatever decision or interpretation we make within ourselves about the meaning of these events.

For example, when a thunderstorm comes, one person may be fearful and want to hide until it’s over while another person wants to go where he or she can watch the display in the sky because it’s exhilarating! Yet it’s the same thunderstorm that both people are watching.

So, what is it that is happening inside a person who feels overwhelmed?

Some people describe it as having things coming at them from all sides.

Other people describe it as repeating in their mind over and over again, the long list of things that they’re concerned about.

Oftentimes people feel as if they’re surrounded by all the things they think they must take care of immediately!

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some of the strategies I put together, that have worked for other people.

The very first thing is to notice your posture. Try to sit in a comfortable chair, hold your head up, and look straight ahead in a relaxed manner. In your mind’s eye, imagine that you are looking at all those things that seem so important spread out in front of you about table height. Just doing this may give you momentary relief. If so, do it as often as you need. This is a temporary measure. However, it will allow you some space to decide which things need attention first.

If you are going over and over things in your mind, try moving that voice from your mind to your larynx (voice box). Hear those words coming up from your chest through your throat and out your mouth the way your actual voice does when you speak.

Allow the voice to settle where ever it feels the most comfortable.

The simplest thing you can do is to make sure that you hold your head up at a comfortable level, raising your gaze slightly as you think about your next step.


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