Facts About Past Lives?

You might think that it’s impossible to put together any facts about past lives!

Past LivesBut since 1967 when he founded the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia, Dr. Ian Stephenson quietly began gathering stories about children who remembered past lives. While these were anecdotal, it’s surprising to see how many details the children remembered. These were details that couldn’t possibly have been known to their parents.

His work is being carried on by Dr. Jim Tucker. And it’s interesting to realize what some of these stories have in common. Many of the stories are surprising in the amount of detail that has been verified. What is most astonishing is that these children were between the ages of two and five.

While some of these stories came from children in Asia, many of them are from children right here in America.

My own past life experiences are far less interesting than some of the other stories you will be reading! But they were vivid enough.

When I am working with clients and I see past lives, those past lives seem to resonate and offer some useful correlations to situations in their present-day lives.

king-matthias-of-hungary-107405_1280 past lives herosMy personal opinion is that we are offered the choice to reincarnate. I think we have chosen our present life from a place of knowing the possible directions that it could take and the challenges that we will face.

So, I see everyone who’s chosen to incarnate in this lifetime as a hero, moving forward on a quest to find their own personal enlightenment.

For detailed information on the Division of Perceptual Studies, Dr. Jim Tucker, and the remarkable stories of the children he has interviewed go to: https://med.virginia.edu/perceptual-studies/


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