Playing with Energy

Almost everything that’s written about energy is coming from the serious side, with a serious viewpoint in mind. But this article has a bit of a lighthearted perspective.

What follows are exercises that you can use to discover your own energy how to project it, and how to change it.

So let’s begin!

Shake your shoulders and stretch your arms a bit. Then, hold your arms a little bit more than shoulder width apart with elbows bent, palms open and facing each other.

Gradually bring your hands together, just observing what it is you feel as you move them slowly towards each other. At some point you will begin to feel a little push back, so slight that it feels that you may have imagined it. But continue to slowly bring your palms together and notice again where you feel just that hint of the push back. Just take a second and notice how close your hands are at the point where you are feeling the push back. Then, let your arms relax.

Shake your arms loosely and place your hands back to back right hand on top left hand on bottom. With hands on top of one another open and close your hands 10 times simultaneously. Now reverse your hands. Place the right hand on the bottom, left hand on the top. And again, simultaneously open and close your hands 10 times. Again, relax your arms.

With arms slightly bent at the elbow, separate your hands and arms to slightly wider than your shoulders. Gradually bring your open palms toward each other and this time notice how quickly you pick up the energy. Notice at what point you begin to feel the push back this time. Now notice how much further apart your arms are compared to when you first began this exercise.

If you had any difficulty feeling the push back, it means that you are moving your arms too quickly.

Now if you are fortunate enough to have someone who would do these exercises with you, here is something you can try. Place your hand a table with the palm facing upward. Have your partner place his hand above yours, with palm facing downward. Ask your partner to notice where he or she senses the push back as they slowly lower their hand towards yours.

At this point you can begin to vary your energy. Without telling your partner which one you are doing, think about or see the energy coming out of the palm of your hand as either a gentle fountain, or as a geiser shooting up into the air. Have your partner describe what he senses.

Then do it again, only this time switch to the opposite and have your partner again sense your energy and describe the difference.

By this time both you and your partner are beginning to develop a sensitivity to feeling energy. You may want to try feeling the energy around an inanimate object such as a polished stone, or a rock. You can also do this with a healthy plant versus one that is not doing so well.

There are many variations to this kind of an exercise. You can also ask your partner to think of a happy experience. Sense his or her energy. Then have them think of an unhappy experience. Sense their energy again.

Without telling you which one they are thinking of, have your partner pick one of those two experiences. Once again, when you sense his or her energy, simply notice if there is a difference. At this point, simply from feeling the energy, you may even be able to tell which experience it is.

Sensing energy is a natural ability that we all possess. It has not been developed or particularly encouraged by modern society. But we are doing it all the time. We simply don’t realize that that is what we are doing.

On a personal note,

Sometimes we can even sense energy about the future. Several years ago I was at a party at a local restaurant. There were multiple conversations going on, people were laughing and enjoying themselves. But I began to get extremely uncomfortable. In an effort to be polite, I chatted with people across the table. But still the discomfort persisted.

Because of the work I do, I have trained myself to mentally drop inside and ask “what is this discomfort about”. The answer I got was “this is not safe. If there is a fire you’ll be trapped”. Of course there was no fire in the room at that moment. But the discomfort continued, and I left soon after.

One month later the restaurant burned to the ground. Fortunately, it happened at night when no one was there.

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