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This new moon is Tuesday, August 18 at 9:42 PM CDT

This month’s new moon is in Leo. And Leo rules love and romance, creativity, generosity, celebration, dignity, determination, and tempering arrogance.

That is quite a combination and actually as I read through this list, I can see where we might want to make wishes to bring each one of these qualities into our lives and into the world.

Now more than ever, it feels as though we are living in different worlds together. There are those of us who are living through very real tragedies. And then there are those of us who are living through minor (although very annoying and sometimes very depressing) changes in our everyday lives.

Unfortunately, we cannot make wishes for other people, we can only make wishes for ourselves.

While we cannot change the world as it is, we can make changes in our personal world.

This month would be a good time to use the support that Leo brings to make wishes about finding love, and demonstrating the quality of love in our own, personal world.

With dignity and determination, we can stay strong as we confront the challenges of life as it is today.

This new moon is Monday, July 20 at 12:33 PM CDT

The new moon occurs on Sunday, July 20 – 12:33 PM Central Time in the sign of Cancer.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac rules certain area of the body. and restoring health to that particular area. Cancer rules breasts, chest cavity, pancreas, stomach, stomach gas, ulcers, and tumors.

With the rise in coronavirus cases across the country several of those items listed above caught my eye. So, some of your wishes might include good health in general, and specifically in those areas of the body that cancer rules.

Cancer also rules self-protection, including feelings of insecurity, overly cautious behaviors and the lack of definite goals, just to mention a few. So perhaps that’s why the universe is giving us a second go round.

Cancer also rules being supportive and accepting support, taking care of others, and being taken care of by another. I find that, while people don’t always know the best way to be supportive, the desire to help is always there.

Offering support is one thing, accepting support or help is an altogether different matter. If you are in the position of having to accept help or support, a sample wish might be “I wish to graciously accept the support that I need without guilt or self-criticism”.

This New Moon Fri. May 22 at 12:39 PM CDT

The new moon occurs on Friday, May 22 – 12:39 PM Central Time in the sign of Gemini.

As I was reading up on my astrology about this month’s new moon, I couldn’t help but notice how this month’s new moon has an additional element. This time it is the planet Saturn. Saturn provides patience and perseverance. And that is exactly what we need for the rebuilding that lies ahead of us. So perhaps May’s new moon is providing assistance for the beginning of a turning point in the pandemic.

However, on June 5, there will be a full moon plus a lunar eclipse. This particular lunar eclipse brings in an angry and impulsive energy. So, if you are somewhat sensitive to full moon energy, just be aware that these particular emotions are transitory.

You might want to wait for this energy to dissipate somewhat before you make any personal changes. If you can, avoid being defensive if someone says something you don’t want to hear.

On the other hand, this is an opportunity to be aware of your relationships. This is a time to notice what relationships drain your energy, and what relationships support you as you are moving forward.

This is a time to make any wishes regarding new beginnings, appreciating and strengthening the relationships that we have, and beginning new ones.

This new moon is Wednesday, April 22 at 9:27 PM CDT

The new moon occurs on Wed., April 22 – 9:27 PM Central Time in the sign of Taurus.

I think we can all agree that these are unusual times. And the new Moon in Taurus rules many of the qualities that we need to deal with today’s challenges.

Taurus rules perseverance, patience, and self-worth. On the other hand, Taurus also rules enjoyment of life on earth including appreciation and gratitude. This includes simple physical pleasures and rapport with nature.

We definitely need perseverance to continue with the guidelines we are following to slow down the spread of Covid-19. And when those guidelines are lifted, we will enjoy simple pleasures again, including enjoying our physical ability to reconnect with the natural world.

Taurus also rules self-worth and resistance to change. Powerful wishes to improve self-worth might be “I want to begin to experience feelings of self-worth in every area of my life”. Another extremely important wish is “I want the tendency to undervalue myself easily and completely lifted from me.”

Resistance to change is something that we are all looking at, no matter how open we think we are. We really don’t have any idea of what life will look like following the pandemic.

At this time a useful wish might be, “I wish to maintain a neutral attitude as I think about how life could change.”

This new moon is Tuesday, March 24 at 4:29 AM CDT

The new moon occurs on Tue., Mar. 24 – 4:29 AM Central Time in the sign of Aries.

This new moon brings with it some very powerful energies that seem to be coming at us from all directions, and they are not all very pleasant at this time. They are both wounding and healing.

A number of astrological bodies are having intense influence over our lives at this time including Chiron, Lilith, Deneb Kaitos, the lunar nodes, and others.

It is both bad news and good news. It is a time of both sickness and healing, fear and courage. It is a time of prejudice, grief and alienation, but also the time for cooperation, understanding, and nurturing compassion.

Old buried wounds from childhood or even past lives maybe coming to the surface. And all of this can be overwhelming.

However, the new moon is a time for new starts, new understandings, new ideas and new relationships.

How can we bring our hearts and minds together?  How can we find our common humanity in the world of differences? How can we begin to bridge the divides between us? How can we let go of the hurts and pains of the past and embrace life together as one?

These are the kinds of wishes we all need at this time.

It happens inside of us first. What we do with in ourselves is the most powerful contribution we can make to effect the collective consciousness around us. And then, whatever actions we undertake on the outside will be super empowered. This combination of energies, internal and external, creates effects beyond anything we can ever see or measure in this lifetime.

It happens inside of us first!

This new moon is Sunday, February 23 at 9:33 AM CST

The new moon occurs on Sun., Feb. 23 – 9:33 AM Central Time in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is spiritual, abstract, creative and expansive. It is full of motivation, fun and energy. But it is also about chaos, and not so good at staying within limits.

Plus, this new moon occurs during Mercury retrograde. So be extra aware of the potential chaos.

Still, this is a good time to have fun, dance, be lighthearted, maybe even flirt a little. Just don’t over do it.

Its also a good time to go back and review plans, but avoid signing any important deals until after March 10th.

This is an excellent time to find and travel your spiritual path. Discover whatever brings you closer to your spiritual truth, because, amidst the apparent chaos, this new moon in Pisces wants you to focus on your spiritual truth.

Make your wishes around getting unstuck from old patterns and old thoughts and living your spiritual truth. Make your wishes around embracing life and being connected with your inner being. Make wishes around seeing through the apparent chaos to find the calm stead flow of spiritual energy that is you.


The new moon occurs on Fri., Jan. 24- 3:44 PM Central Time in the sign of Aquarius.

As usual, Aquarius rules so many different aspects of our lives. And as usual, I am only picking out a few! Aquarius rules humanitarianism, as well as taking care of our own needs.

It also rules new trends, long-range goals, and following your heart’s desire. And, in the midst of these lofty subjects, Aquarius rules high technology!

Aquarius also rules friends, groups, and networking, as well as open and friendly approaches.

A sample wish for friendship might be “I want to attract lots of happy healthy new friendships”.

A sample wish for humanitarianism could include seeing the bigger picture or “I wish to find myself easily supporting situations that benefit others as well as myself”.

Another important wish is “I wish to find myself easily recognizing and fulfilling my own needs in healthy ways”.

And one wish that will absolutely be on my wish list in big bold letters is as follows. “I  WISH TO FIND MYSELF EASILY AND SUCCESSFULLY ADAPTING TO ALL THE NEW TECHNOLOGY THAT’S AVAILABLE TO USE”! (My husband will thank me for this one.)


This new moon is Wednesday, December 25 at 11:15 PM CDT

The new moon occurs on Wed., Dec. 25- 11:15 PM Central Time in the sign of Capricorn.

December is also solar eclipse which completely changes the energy of the new moon. As you know, the new moon is a great time for planting seeds (by making our wishes) to bring fresh energy into our lives. But because of the solar eclipse on December 25, we need to work with this new moon in a little different way.

Some astrologers think that eclipses are about fate. So because the solar eclipse coincides with the new moon, the advice is simply to let yourself be open to whatever the new moon is bringing for you. Because Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and the solar eclipse are all happening at the same time as this month’s new moon, not to mention the end of the decade, the energy of the season and the new moon is definitely magnified.

There is also a heavy Capricorn influence because the new moon takes place in Capricorn. This is also the second Capricorn new moon of the year. The solar eclipse is also in the earth sign of Capricorn. This means that the influence of Capricorn will be felt throughout the coming 12 months.

Remember to be open to whatever the energies the new moon and solar eclipse combination is bringing for you.

Capricorn is an ambitious energy with grand ideals and full of potential. However, it is important to watch out for feelings of self importance.

This new moon is Tuesday, November 26 at 9:07 AM CDT

The new moon occurs on Tues., Nov. 26- 9:07 AM Central Time in the sign of Sagittarius.

It’s no surprise that this month’s wish themes include observing religious practices, spirituality, prayer and meditation.

Other themes for this month include holding positive expectations, grand gestures, doing things spontaneously, and maintaining an expectation that luck and opportunity will find you.

What did surprise me is that this month’s themes also include fairness, judgment, maintaining morality and integrity, delving into complex matters, solving problems.

For those of us who are following the nation’s politics, these particular qualities have a special significance. And no matter where we stand on the political spectrum, these are the qualities that we want to maintain for ourselves so that we can all come together in fairness and find a solution that works for everyone.

Just a brief word about the next new moon. It occurs on December 26, the day after Christmas. There is also a solar eclipse on this day as well. This new moon is particularly powerful because we will be entering a new decade.

This new moon is Sunday, October 27 at 10:40 PM CDT

The new moon occurs on Sun., Oct. 27- 10:40 PM Central Time in the sign of Scorpio.

This month is Scorpio, but not just regular Scorpio, its intense Scorpio. And it’s the dark side of Scorpio leading up to the new moon release. Once the new moon emerges the energy will be on your side to support your wishes in a big way.

Don’t let this energy get the best of you. Avoid over reacting, avoid tit for tat, and angry outbursts. You might even notice inner conflict within yourself. Just notice all this. Acknowledge it when it comes up and watch it go by. Remind yourself that it is all just stories in your head and it will all come to pass much faster and easier when you allow yourself to stay out of it.

This month is a good time to make wishes around connecting with others in deeper ways, character development, avoiding risks, and to take better care of yourself by not pushing the limits.