Choosing Me – Paperback


The words every woman need to hear…


The feelings men don’t know how to put into words…


The hottest romantic gift of the year.


A must read for every woman on your list (and for every man too).


Bill Weber goes beyond all the usual clichés and explanations about love, and makes the reader understand that love is not only a physical act, but a sacred practice.

The readers will feel amazed at how sensations, femininity and maleness are delicately described. The body is often compared to a flower, and various images of flowers accompany the readers throughout the book, making it not only nice to read, but also pleasant to look at.

The ability to describe the body of a woman, her strength and delicateness, her femininity, that never fades but evolves, make this book an absolute gem. These poems really help the readers to discover and nourish their spiritual natures and understand how love, life and well-being are linked.

By choosing your partner everyday and loosing yourself touching your significant other, you will enrich your life and that of your loved one.


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