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Because Sleep is Essential

A good night’s sleep is key to so many of the good things in life: energy and vitality, bountiful health, a sharp mentality and a positive outlook on life—all these stem from the rejuvenation of restful sleep.

Insomnia robs you of these benefits, and poses a significant threat to your health and well-being. Serious problems such as heart disease and broader cardiovascular issues, as well as the bitter struggles of depression can be triggered by chronic loss of sleep.

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Get Sleep Healing - Full Night Sleep Version

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Get Sleep Healng - Refreshing 20 Minute Nap Version

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SLEEP HEALING: The Full Night Sleep Version of Get Sleep Healing is designed for those times when you want to fall asleep easily and sleep as long as you would like.

You don’t have to pay attention or learn anything. No need to think about anything. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the music and let Sleep Healing heal your mind and body while you rest.

Effortlessly release all your stress. Balance all parts of your unconscious mind using these guided meditations. Wake up fully refreshed, feeling really good, and ready to go.

We developed this recording, (Originally Called “Accelerated Healing”) to complement and enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Please read the feedback we have received!

As you will see, some people used this recording for specific conditions while others were looking for general improvement. We could not help but be amazed at the variety of responses people reported!

And Get Sleep Healing if it feels right for you. A tiny investment could bring amazing results!



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“It really helped a lot with abdominal pain. I pulled a muscle or something. I’m not really sure but it kept going away and coming back. I went to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything. When I listen to your tape, it doesn’t bother me. I almost need a new tape. I’ve played the heck out of it. I lifted weights the other day and it came back so I listened to the tape and it went away. It’s real interesting how it works. I don’t know how it works but it works.” Bill Zeigler Professional Comedian Belleville, IL

It’s like taking a vacation every day. It’s safe, easy and non-intrusive. This could be the most comfortable, pleasant and healing experience you may ever have.

“I had nose surgery in January. Before the surgery, I played your tape several times to prepare myself for a quick and healthy recovery. For several days after the surgery, I played the tape on continuous loop for several hours each day. Everything worked out exactly as I planned it. In fact, my doctor was amazed at how quickly I recovered form the surgery. Although I can’t prove it, I believe your “Accelerated Healing” tape was an important factor in my speedy recovery.” Terry Bragg Peacemakers Training Murray, UT

Re-balance your brain and your energy in less than 20 min.

“My first experience with Accelerated Healing was very emphatic: When I awakened at 2:00 AM with one of my typical sinus headaches, I tried out my newly acquired tape. The headache stopped.” Sue Scheiter Office Manager Key West, FL

Anywhere you choose, any day of the week, any time of the day, in under 20 min.

“I had a pinched sciatic nerve in the right leg very painful. I listened to the Healing Tape once and have not experienced pain since.” June Mayer Oklahoma City, OK

Take a vacation everyday in only 19 minutes.

“Thanks so much for your tape. I have been a smoker for 14 years. After listening to your tape on healing about 6 times, I quit smoking a week later and I have not had the urge to smoke a cigarette since. I did not plan or have any desire to quit, it just happened.” Carolyn Butcher Lodi, CA

Nothing to do. Nothing to think about. Nothing to make happen. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

“The Accelerated Healing Tape by Bill and Cynthia has greatly helped me in the recovery of a pulled ligament of my left knee this summer. After just a few times of listening to the tape I felt a reduction of the pain level and found more peace with my situation of having to sit still. Thank you for your great contribution to healing.”Christiana Turner, Salt Lake City, UT

The ultimate relax and refresh experience.

“Last week I used it to side step a cold and help mend from an emotional reaction. Yesterday it helped my son get over a bad cold. Today it was my daughters and my cramps. Tomorrow… who knows, but I have a valuable tool at my fingertips no matter what it is. Most important to me, this health aid was created from the hearts and souls of two kind and loving people. Done with purposefully impeccable language, and exquisite delivery. I found this a delightful way to enhance my health. I can hardly wait for their next creation. Thanks Bill & Cynthia” Renee Ockerman Idaho

“In 1988 while playing a serious soccer game in West Germany I was put out of commission. It was a re-injury of a fracture of the same ankle from a 1981 game. I had learned; tape it up, pump in the aspirin and ice it down after the game for years, but that 1988 injury took me out for what I thought was forever. The pain in my right ankle is gone and it works like an ankle should. I really can’t believe it. Since the day you played your Accelerated Healing tape at the end of an NLP training day the pain in my right ankle just went away. The pain that used to shoot up from my ankle in the morning when I would step out of bed is gone. I don’t drop down and reach for support when my ankle would give out anymore. I have the pleasure of writing to you to tell you I enjoy hitting the ground from a hard tackle during my soccer games once more.” Brian Czapinski Total Quality Trainer Scott Air Force Base

Be more productive, more creative, and more positive. All reported side effects are beneficial. Works with and enhances everything else you are doing.

“Last summer I woke up in the morning my head was just full. Then I started using the tape and it never did that any more. The following July or August I had gotten away from listening to your tape. I got a problem in my muscle, my right upper trap. I felt like my shoulder was hyped up on one side. It was so weird. Since September 1st, I started listening to your tape before I went to bed and I feel normal again. I know that it’s just keeping my mind centered and listening to your healing tape. And you know what else is weird is that I did have a lot of sinus problems this summer too. But as of September 1st it was all gone. It’s amazing! NLP has worked wonders for me!” Tina Akers Physical Fitness Trainer Alton, IL

As relaxing, refreshing and healing as a full vacation in less than 20 minutes: Anywhere, any time, any place you choose.

“When I had cataract surgery there were lots of thought viruses: “People my age have difficulty healing.”, “People that heal too quickly have a lot of scar tissue.”, etc. I started listening to the tape 3 weeks in advance of the surgery. One week before the surgery I listened to it 3 times per day. After the surgery, I stayed home and listened to the tape on continuous play. I had absolutely no trouble. 24 hours after the surgery I had 20/25 vision. The doctor said, “You don’t deserve to see that well in just 24 hours.” I know it was the tape and my attitude toward healing because I have a friend who had the same surgery about 4 months later and she did have all the problems they told her she would have. She now has to go back to have scar tissue removed with a laser. I use the tape a lot. It helped me so much through that period. When I get a little down or I get a little ache here or a little pain there or whatever, I just put that tape on and listen to it 2 or 3 nights before I go to sleep and it works real well for me. It does! It really does!” Jo Goul Boise, ID

It’s like taking a vacation every day. It’s safe, easy and non-intrusive. The most comfortable, pleasant and healing experience you may ever have.

“I went to the hospital to have some skin removed from my eyelids as I had droopy eyelid syndrome and was advised to have it removed now before my eyesight was affected, so I did! I prepared myself with plenty of nutrients and some powerful NLP healing processes. I went into the operation listening to a meditation tape. Each day (after the operation) I took a photo of my wonderful recovery and programmed in that I wanted to feel great and my black eyes looking good by Friday. On day 2 I felt a little bit down in the afternoon, lying in my bed and I remembered that I had bought 2 very special meditation tapes from 2 beautiful people that I met at a training in Oklahoma City. I lay back in my bed and listened to the Healing One and it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever listened to. It was just so appropriate to what I was going through at the time and exactly what I needed to get me back on track. Thank you so much! I listened to it at least once a day after that and it contributed so much to my healing. By Friday, my eyes were looking great (why should I have doubted it!) and when I went back to the Plastic surgeon the following Monday he just stood there staring at me and couldn’t believe his eyes that I had healed so quickly. I just said that NLP is a very wonderful tool. They were at the healing stage of 3 weeks instead of 1 week. He asked if he could take a photo and still wondered whether he was seeing the right person. When I saw him 4 weeks later he said he had never seen anyone heal as fast… Well Bill and Cynthia I just wanted to share my experience with you and to thank you for the opportunity of spending that special time with you both. I loved every minute with you. Thank you. You contributed so much to my healing.” Diane Gardner, Sidney, Australia

Less than 20 minutes, once a month, once a week, once a day, or as often as you like. It’s up to you.

“As I sit here and watch my two boys actively play, I know that their health can be partially attributed to your work in healing – specifically your “Accelerated Healing” tape. We regularly listen to the “Accelerated Healing” tape. Almost every night after bedtime prayers and books either Nick (4) or Kyle (6) reminds my wife or myself to put in the “healing tape”. They like it because of the story of the animals in the woods. My youngest son always says, “I