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This new moon is Saturday, November 18 at 5:42 AM CST

This new moon is in the sign of Scorpio!

Scorpio rules power, self-mastery, empowerment, and avoiding power struggles!

Some of the components of power include being aware of others’ needs and motives. Having this awareness and additional insight gives us the ability to make better choices in how we relate to coworkers, bosses, friends, family, and of course our significant other!

Strangely enough, Scorpio also rules secrets.

Something to wish for this month is the ability to keep secrets. Many times, the secrets that we have actually belong to someone else. That is to say, the information is actually about someone other than ourselves. If someone has chosen to share a secret with us, we need to be aware of the trust that has been placed in us, and treat their information with respect and privacy.

Self-mastery requires strength, self-discipline, and commitment. Wishes concerning the development of these characteristics are most effective during this time.

This is also a good time to make wishes to recognize and avoid power struggles before we find ourselves knee-deep in unpleasant situations. Eckart Tolle has a great term for these sorts of interactions. He calls it “ego-repair” when people get involved in power struggles. As he sees it, they are simply trying to repair their hurt egos.

Think about this. If you begin by labeling a power struggle as “ego-repair”, how does that add to your options of how to handle it?

Scorpio also deals with money issues. So be sure to read the article on attracting money (unless of course, you already have enough)!


Even though I write about these different traits, wish for what feels right to you. There are no hard and fast rules!

However, when you are deciding what to wish for, take a little extra time to imagine how it would feel to have that wish come true right here, right now.

Visualizing that event, with all the positive emotion connected to it, will help to speed up the time it takes to show up in your life.

And of course, as always, don’t forget those fun wishes! This is the one time when you are doing the right thing by thinking only of yourself!

“While we cannot wish for others, we can wish to be inspired to use words that will inspire others.”


deer-1934831_1280This is something you can do every month. It doesn’t take much time, it doesn’t cost anything, and all you need is paper and pen! You have approximately a 48 hour window at the start of each new moon. Be sure to wait until after the start of the new moon to make your wishes!

It is important that you write your wishes on paper and write up to 10 wishes. The most effective times to use this new moon energy for your wishes is in the first 48 hours.

While you cannot wish for other people, you can wish for the right words to inspire them.

The energy of the moon is powerful, mysterious and magical. Few people would argue with the fact that the phases of the moon affect the tides in the oceans. For untold centuries, farmers were careful to plant their crops coinciding with the new moon.

And everyone has heard stories about what happens during the full moon!

When I began meditating with the moon, I developed the practice of releasing things to the full moon with the idea that as the moon got smaller and disappeared in the night sky, it would take my problems with it. And in many instances that worked very well for me.

angel_moon Psychic Destiny: New York PsychicAnd then I read about the practice of wishing on the new moon. Wishing[1] on the new moon is like planting seeds of another kind. It’s one more way to work with the energy that the moon brings to us. So this is a technique that I have been working with for over a year. The results have been surprising and beneficial even though they are unexplainable in any logical or rational way.

At the time of the new moon, simply write down your wishes. Limit yourself to 10. This is a time when it’s supposed to be all about you! It’s ok to be selfish here. You can’t make wishes for other people. You can only make wishes for yourself.

Put your written down wishes away in a safe place because you will want to review them after 3 months. These are not affirmations. There is no need to think of them constantly. Just like the farmer plants his seed, your wishes are also seeds which will sprout and begin to grow.

There will be more detailed information posted on my website before the next new moon.

[1] In our present day, wishing has been discouraged and much undervalued. However, like so many other things, wishing does have its place. Planning, goal setting and organization are all functions of the left side of the brain. What wishing does is activate the right side of the brain, throwing into gear that creative side, that part of us that wonders “what if.” and inspires us.

Since every new moon is the beginning of a cycle, we can look forward to a very different energy. It will counterbalance the energy of the past several months.

Use this time to be kind to yourself and be gentle about the understanding and clarity that shows up in your life.

And remember that the strongest influence of the New Moon’s energy is right at the beginning. So sit down and make your wishes within the first 48 hours!

This is one of the few times when it’s perfectly appropriate to think only of yourself. As you think about your wishes, imagine you are opening a treasure chest that is filled with things, both large and small, especially for you.

Although you cannot wish for others, you can wish for ideas and the inspiration to say and do the things that would be the most helpful for them. And remember that making our own lives better adds to the ability of others to do the same.

And don’t forget to include those fun wishes somewhere in your list of 10!

It is important that you write your wishes on paper and write up to 10 wishes. The most effective times to use this new moon energy for your wishes is in the first 48 hours.

Simply write down your wishes. (You get up to 10 wishes.)

May all the blessings of the season come to you!

Cynthia Becker & Bill Weber