Psychic Los Angeles – Top 10 Psychics

Psychic Los Angeles – Top 10 Psychics

Psychic Los Angeles, CA

The TOP 10 Psychic LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA website is the most reliable list of Psychic Readers of Los Angeles, California (psychics in or near Los Angeles, California). We searched out all the best of the best Professional Psychics and Psychic Readers of Los Angeles, CA. Psychic Readers that we could find on the internet and here they are.

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Cynthia S. Becker

Los Angeles, CA Happiness & Love Psychic Cynthia Becker –
Looking for love and happiness? Tired of not getting what you want? Its not your fault!

When you talk to Cynthia, you will feel warm, safe and respected. Her connection is accurate and healing.

Remember that everything starts as energy. Even our thoughts are energy. Cynthia can find the hidden energy patterns in your way. She can help you unlock your true magnetic power. Her readings are powerful, yet her insights are useful and practical.

“I can see what others in your life unconsciously want and need from you. When I connect, their inner-being comes to me. They show me their motives, their insecurities and fears, their deepest desires”. If you want more love and happiness, I can help. Call me now.


Jack Rourke

Dubbed “world renowned” by AOL’S celebrity news for his work on international criminal and missing persons cases, and “Best Psychic 2012” by the Best Psychic Directory, Jack Rourke is the author of The Rational PsychicTM, A Skeptic’s Guide to Extraordinary Perception. As a psychic, Jack has astounded people across North America with his ability to remotely detect medical conditions and describe details about circumstances he could not possibly know. His predictions have been distributed globally by the Associated Press and he has appeared internationally on the History and Travel Channels, Showtime and the BBC. You will find when sharing a confidential concern with Jack that he cuts through confusion inspiring a new level of awareness. Whether your questions has to do with practical matters such as the sale of a home, a business decision or a painful emotionally convoluted matter of the heart, the information Jack accesses for you is illuminating and empowering. For more information please visit



Psychic Los Angeles, Sterling, offers dynamic sessions that provide a unique experience, which utilize astrology, numerology, life coaching and classic tarot reading. Answer important questions about work, love happiness, relationships, money and life! Sterling offers exceptional psychic readings online, in her Los Angeles area office, by Skype or telephone. Sterling provides only constructive readings that enable all of her clients to either enjoy their unfolding future or engage the controls to turn their life around for the better.


Walter Zajac

Walter Zajac is a second-generation Intuitive who has had hundreds of dreams and visions come true. This has presented him with vast experience and understanding of dream meanings, which are unique to every person. He has also studied traditional meanings of symbols in dreams, and he uses his psychic power to tune into what you’re feeling in your dream, in order to give you the clearest understanding. Your dreams give you insight about yourself and your future. Walter’s customers describe him as being highly perceptive, accurate, a wonderful listener, open-hearted, inspiring, wise, nonjudgmental, an honest real psychic, and sincerely loving in his psychic readings and dream interpretations. Call Psychic Walter with all your questions about love, relationships, career, life choices, dreams, fulfilling your desires, and learning how to spiritually and effectively use the Law of Attraction. His answers will bring you enlightenment, empowerment, wisdom, understanding, peace, and love.


Jusstine Kenzer

Jusstine Kenzer is a Los Angeles Clairvoyant that has been featured in publications around the world. Picked as the Best of DailyCandy and seen in the pages The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, Glamour, InStyle, People and many more. Her psychic readings have assisted celebrities through very public relationship break-ups, predicted Hollywood awards winners, named New York Times best selling books, and assisted A-list power players in make life-changing career decisions. However, the work she enjoys most is helping everyday people make positive lasting changes in their life. Jusstine communicates with your guides, teachers and the great ascended masters, tapping into the absolute highest and best information for you at the time. She helps you get specific answers to your questions, as well as assist you to make positive lasting changes in your life. She helps you to release patterning and conditioning so you can let go and move forward in your life. Jusstine has developed a unique method of releasing energy that works.


Dave Tillman

Psychic Los Angeles: David’s readings reflect his knowledge and deep insight into human nature. He speaks with the confidence his years of experience and wisdom have brought. His readings are tempered with humor, warmth, and kindness. His intense love for assisting those who seek his counsel drives him to be as accurate, direct, and as honest as psychically possible. Based in Psychic Hollywood, CA, David uses his gifts as a psychic, Medium and clairvoyant to assist his clients in all areas of concern-from the complexities of interpersonal relationships to delicate career decisions. He is also an adept dream interpreter and has had much success with finding lost objects.


Gifted Los Angeles Psychic & Spiritual Reader Shaman: Solomei is an Intuitive Healer, and Psychic San Luis Obsipo, CA. She is a gifted visionary, business consultant, psychic, and Shaman artist. Solomei is also an herbalist, astrologer, poet, storyteller, and activator of well-being. And she is a metaphysical teacher, energy healer and a daughter of the Cherokee Nation. Solomei integrates her Native heritage and Star Nation teachings into her private sessions, seminars, and group work. She has been a frequent guest on KGLW Talk Radio. On the radio she gives readings and guidance to the callers. Currently she is assembling a book of channeled poetry and art. Solomei has taught at Cal State LA, Cal Poly Pomona, the Whole Life Expo, the Transformational Light Center, We Care Holistic Healing Center, and St. Joseph’s Hospital. She has worked with various organizations and groups throughout the United States.

Top 10 Los Angeles, California Psychics is an exclusive hand picked list. This page is not paid advertising. Each Psychic has proven their accuracy. No amount of money could be used to buy their way onto this list.

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The Los Angeles Psychic community has a rich heritage of psychic phenomena. You can find psychic readers of many types. Out of all the psychics in Los Angeles, California only a few rank among the Top 10 Los Angeles Psychics. The ‘Top 10 Psychics of Los Angeles California’ page is provided as a free service. This page is free to each psychic and to you. This is our gift to the Los Angeles, California Psychic and Metaphysical Community. Each Los Angeles Psychic listed on the Top 10 page is one of the best in terms of quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our intention is to connect you with a professional psychic that you can feel good about. You get much more than a list of names of prominent psychics of Los Angeles, California. You will find background information on each Professional Los Angeles, California Psychic so you can make an informed decision. Choose the California psychic that feels right to you.

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