Prominent Psychics In New York, NY

New York has a rich heritage of psychic phenomena, and there are many psychics serving the New York area but only a few rank among the Top 10. This may be because of the legitimacy of the psychic or they weren’t accurate in their readings. Please find below the top psychic mediums serving the New York area.

Top 10 New York Psychics

Psychic Los Angeles Cynthia Becker Picture

Cynthia S. Becker New York Psychic

Hello there. As a professional psychic for over 30 years I have served hundreds of New Yorkers that were looking for guidance in love, family and career.


Phil Jordan Psychic New York

Phil Jordan Psychic New York

Phil has been a psychic for over 40 years providing outstanding psychic service to the New York Area. Phil is also Pastor-in-Charge of a small country church, the Caroline Center Church, in Caroline Center, NY, after having been ordained in 1988 as a non-denominational Inter-Faith Minister. His cases include missing persons, homicide, and arson. His investigative skills and unusual abilities have earned him respect throughout all the consulting police agencies. Many of his accomplishments and successes have been documented in television episodes on Court TV/Tru TV, Biography, A&E and other major networks, in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Europe and Africa. The Tioga County Sheriff has sworn him in as a Deputy to assist in some of their cases. He graduated from New York State Municipal Police Training Academy in 1976, and continues to work with the police agencies in all levels of government across the country.

Readings are offered as private sessions, over the telephone, through the mail, at house parties, or even in fund raising events.



Vicki L. Robinson, Psychic New York

Vicki L. Robinson, The Albany New York Psychic: Vicki can clairvoyantly see visions, psychic impressions and details about your life, your future and those who have crossed over. Her trance-like state may take her back to your past-lives as she carefully explains their relevance to your current life. Vicki’s voice and her nurturing manner create an air of comfort, safety and trust as you journey with her into the deepest reaches of other dimensions to retrieve information to enable you to create a better life.


Stephen Robinson, New York Psychic Reader

Stephen Robinson, New York Psychic Reader

Stephen Robinson, New York Psychic Reader, uses his psychic abilities to look beyond the current circumstances into how the forces of cause and effect determine your future. By obtaining a psychic consultation with Stephen you will receive some of the most revealing, informative psychic guidance you could ever hope for. You will get the kind of personal guidance that can be of immense benefit now and in the years to come. Stephen Robinson has spent most of his life studying the fields of Parapsychology, Hypnotherapy, Spiritualism, Metaphysics and Psychic Science. He has earned an array of academic credentials, national certificates, and professional affiliations.


New York Psychic Walter Zajac wzpalmswtcr175-1

Walter Zajac

New York Psychic Walter Zajac is a second-generation Intuitive who has had hundreds of dreams and visions come true. This has presented him with vast experience and understanding of dream meanings, which are unique to every person. He has also studied traditional meanings of symbols in dreams, and he uses his psychic power to tune into what you’re feeling in your dream, in order to give you the clearest understanding. Your dreams give you insight about yourself and your future.

Walter’s customers describe him as being highly perceptive, accurate, a wonderful listener, open-hearted, inspiring, wise, nonjudgmental, an honest real psychic, and sincerely loving in his psychic readings and dream interpretations.

Call Psychic Walter with all your questions about love, relationships, career, life choices, dreams, fulfilling your desires, and learning how to spiritually and effectively use the Law of Attraction. His answers will bring you enlightenment, empowerment, wisdom, understanding, peace, and love.



Derek Calibre

Derek Calibre: Psychic New York Psychic, is an internationally recognized teacher and psychic with 10 years experience in New York, Tokyo and Honolulu. Derek has been featured on NBC’s “Psychic Hawaii” and hosts Comcast’s “Psychic Workshop”. He has taught meditation at the YMCA and psychic development at Kapiolani Community College. Specializing in careers, relationships and decisions, this inspirational psychic offers clear and perceptive insights from Manhattan’s Upper West Side. A one hour private session comes recorded on mp3.


Catherine Ferguson, New York Psychic for Pets and People place-holder

Catherine Ferguson, Psychic for Pets and People

Catherine is a Reiki Master and serves as a consultant for several Hudson County, NJ rescue organizations. Catherine teaches Pet Communication 101, a course designed to help pet parents talk with their own animals. She also writes a weekly pet psychic column for the Waterfront Journal. Catherine is listed in Esoteric Guide to New York. And in Penelope Smith’s international directory of animal communicators [under New York]. Catherine is a member of the Association for Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.), and the French Institute/Alliance Française. Her psychic readings for people include flower readings, smoke readings, and psychometry.

Catherine can also connect with your pet to deal with current issues, improve mutual understanding, discover your pet’s perspective of your relationship, learn pertinent details of past lives, and their role in this present life. She can also connect with pets on the other side of the veil.


Psychic Destiny

Psychic Destiny: New York Psychic, Your individual aura is generated by energy centers, or chakras, each of which controls a different aspect of your health and well being. I can see and feel your aura, with or without physical touch, and determine where your energies are out of balance and harmony. I can perform spiritual healing by unblocking lines of energy from one chakra to another or redirecting energy to a more balanced and peaceful state. Through this process, problems on many levels will be alleviated. By taking the time to assess your individual needs and concerns, I can help you overcome difficulties and find the inner peace and harmony you deserve.


Psychic Directory

By referring you to other psychic providers our intention is that you won’t be misguided by scam artists that have besmirched our industry’s name. Find more trusted psychics throughout the USA at our psychic directory.