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Cynthia S. Becker

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Hello there. If you’re on this site, I know you are in research mode so I will keep this brief. Click to my site to see why other psychics come to me for their readings. And be sure to discover the 7 Hidden Windows of Opportunity. This is vital information you need that you can’t find anywhere else. You will be glad you did.

Because you are already in tune with Psychic information, you know how valuable 15 minutes can be.

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“I can see what others want and need from you. When I connect, their inner-being comes to me. They show me their motives, their insecurities and fears, their deepest desires”. I can help. Call me today. 


Sandy “Little Lizard”

Psychic St. Louis, Sandy uses Native Tradition and Healing, the Seven Sacred Directions and utilizes the Oracles, Tarot, meditation, etheric energy, divination and channeling for your readings and spiritual sessions. All sessions are designed to promote emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healing as well as personal growth.

By using clairvoyance and channeling Sandy is able to assist you with interpretation and guidance during your journeys.

Do you question your present path? Where are the roads leading? Would you like more understanding of your Spiritual and Emotional growth?


St. Louis Psychic Readings by Romana

St. Louis Psychic Readings by Romana

My Readings start off with a snapshot of your personal Numerology: Your Life Path Number, current and upcoming Personal Years. I then move on to the cards and use them in tandem with my Psychic abilities to communicate to you the information I’m receiving. The less information I know upfront about you, the better because it allows me to interpret the information in an honest and uninhibited manner. I may pass on resources for you to look further in to after the reading or resources I think will help. I then finish with a pull from an oracle deck, most often an Angel deck. Its all dependent on time allotted for the reading.



St. Louis Psychic Matina The Medium

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to connect with your loved ones who have passed? Are you looking for closure? Do you ever think about what they will tell you or what symbols may show up? These are just a few of the many questions my clients have been curious about. Schedule an appointment and be pleasantly surprised?

I’ll connect with your loved ones who have passed away bringing forth facts, memories and love. I prefer not to know anything about you or your loved one before the session. Your loved ones may also be giving messages regarding your past, present and future. If you live outside the St. Louis area and prefer to do a Skype, FaceTime or phone, please add your Skype information to the form you fill out.


Melody “Lil Mel” McGowan, Psychic St. Louis Psychic

A practicing clairsentience, claircognizance, and spiritual advisor, Melody is an ordained minister and holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics, M.A. and B.S. university degrees in counseling, human resources, and education. Melody has been using her formal training combined with practical solid advice to help literally thousands of people see their way clearly to making the right decisions for their lives and guide them along their spiritual path.

Answering the call to help others, she expanded her practice to reach others through books, media outlets, speaking engagements, support groups, private and corporate events, and workshops. By offering fun raising opportunities she helps organizations raise funds through proceeds from book sales.


Merlin The Psychic St. Louis

I am a very spiritual person who was raised in a Catholic household. Let me assure you, my gift is something that I have been blessed with. Everything I do with my intuitive gift is done out of love and respect for the higher power. I have found great success in receiving messages from my spirit guides utilizing Tarot cards. My spirit guides have helped me to deliver messages to clients regarding their lives that the spirit guides feel are important for those clients to receive.


Davora: Psychic St. Louis Psychic

I am shown videos in my mind’s eye of people, places and situations in your life. I hear words put together into messages. I see symbolism of events in your life and the connection between them. I sense experiences you have had in your past or are currently going through. What comes through in a reading are suggestions about what’s most beneficial to you. You will never be told what you SHOULD do. I believe in empowering people to trust their own intuition and do what feels right in their heart. Often the guidance is simply a validation of what you already knew to be true. Insight is revealed about what may be blocking you from moving forward and ideas may come through to inspire you towards your desires.



Julia Gordon-Bramer

Julia Gordon-Bramer Psychic St. Louis Psychic, has been reading Tarot cards for 30 years. Tarot is a practice that’s believed to have been around since ancient Egyptian times. Contrary to popular belief, it is not religious, and does not conjure spirits, good or evil. The famous psychologist, Carl G. Jung, used Tarot when he established his work with cross-cultural human archetypes. The principle of Tarot is that we are all connected and all wiser than we realize; the questioner is merely guided to the answers through the Tarot card reader, his or her intuition, and sensitivity.

Unique Entertainment for: Special Events, Corporate Events, Employee Retreats and Conferences, Private Parties, Festivals, Individual Readings, Telephone and Email Consultations. Please note: Julia does not dress in costume. This is the real deal—but she will certainly dress to accommodate the mood of your event.


Nancy Feranec Nancy the Psychic ~ Authentic st. Louis Psychic Medium

Nancy the Psychic – Authentic St. Louis Psychic Medium

 I Bring Spirit to Life. Healing to Your Heart. Let me tell you a little about myself and how I work. I have a gift that makes no more sense to me than it does to you. I respect it and know it’s a true blessing. As a Certified Psychic Medium I use all of my senses. As a Psychic I will tell you things about yourself that you already know. Now the question is how do I know these things? I use tarot cards but I don’t need them but they are fun, beautiful, tell a great story, and give me direction.  I will always tell you the  truth –  good, bad, or indifferent. If it’s not pleasant or not what you want here I’ll tell you anyway. Yet I will always look at the other side for the good to come. I can see your journey and tell you what’s helping and what’s getting in your way. As a Medium I communicate with your Loved Ones in Spirit . Your loved ones come through with evidence, healing messages and symbols.

Truly, from you, all that is needed is an open mind.  I work in the highest white light of energy and share that energy with you. I promise to give my best with every single reading.  I want you to  experience the intriguing world of Spirit through me and want more.

My Reading Room is located in Creve Coeur, Missouri. Readings are offered In Person, Video and Phone. I Love Parties and Events. Mentoring and Teaching. An appointment is required. You can see my calendar and set up a reading at your convenience online through my website, by phone or text. Please call if you want more information. You can learn more about me or schedule a reading at


St. Louis Psychic Medium Julia Marie

St. Louis Psychic Medium Julia Marie

 I speak for those in Spirit who have no voice. Julia Marie is a medium, energy healer, spirit artist, and teacher. She has 30 years’ experience as a certified medium and accomplished intuitive. She has a proven ability to make a reliable connection, and her readings are thoughtful, detailed, and meaningful for her clients.

She has an international practice, and reads for clients in Europe, Australia, across the United States and Canada. (A person doesn’t have to be physically present in order to receive a good reading.)

As a MEDIUM, she has the ability to connect with, and deliver messages from, your friends and loved ones in Spirit. There is no greater joy for her than to witness friends and family on both sides of the veil reunited.

As an INTUITIVE, Julia Marie connects with your Guides and Higher Guidance to provide you with the perspective needed to move forward with confidence. Her goal is to help you find solutions to your problems and make positive changes in your life.

Energy Healing is available online or via phone. Julia Marie is a Reiki Master Teacher and originator of Restorative Energy Technique (RET)TM, a 5th Dimensional healing modality that impacts physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers of the individual.
She offers classes in Intuitive Development and Mediumship Mastery as well as special events (Private Group and Public Gallery Readings).


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