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Psychic St. Louis, Top 10 St. Louis Psychics is the most comprehensive list psychics in or near St. Louis, Missouri with websites that we are aware of. We have searched out all the Professional St. Louis Psychics that we could find on the internet and here they are.

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Cynthia S. Becker

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Valentines Day is coming up. It’s time to take a positive step and rev up your love life possibilities. If you’re single, when are you going to meet that special someone? What can you do today to bring them into your life sooner? Now is the time to charge up your romantic attraction energy. – Currently in a relationship? How can you get those old flames sparking again. What can you do to fire up more intimate moments? – Maybe your wondering if it’s too late. Can you trust him? How does he really feel? Is it time to move on?

“I can see what others unconsciously want and need from you. When I connect, their inner-being comes to me. They show me their motives, their insecurities and fears, their deepest desires”.  Invest in your success and happiness today.


St. Louis Psychic Readings by Romana

My Readings start off with a snapshot of your personal Numerology: Your Life Path Number, current and upcoming Personal Years. I then move on to the cards and use them in tandem with my Psychic abilities to communicate to you the information I’m receiving. The less information I know upfront about you, the better because it allows me to interpret the information in an honest and uninhibited manner. I may pass on resources for you to look further in to after the reading or resources I think will help. I then finish with a pull from an oracle deck, most often an Angel deck. Its all dependent on time allotted for the reading.


St. Louis Psychic Amber

Psychic St. Louis Psychic, My name is Amber, and I am a Spiritual Coach, Psychic Tarot Reader, and a Teacher of the Metaphysical in the St. Louis, Missouri area. For over 20 years I have been studying, working, and pursuing my aspirations to awaken my spirit within, so that I may reach my soul’s highest potential. It is a never ending pursuit that I love and that continues to enrich my life on a daily basis.

Teilhard de Chardin once wrote “You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.” Unfortunately though, so many times in our human experience our spiritual being becomes suppressed by the hardships and trials we are facing, and we find ourselves with an overwhelming feeling of loss; loss of purpose and of our self. When this occurs, it is often hard to see clearly the challenges we are facing or the choices that are available to us. It is my goal to help you regain your sense of direction, find peace with those situations, and move forward again on your life’s journey, through intuitive guidance and the utilization of spiritual tools. And in the end, reconnect and Awaken Your Spirit Within!


Julia Gordon-Bramer

Julia Gordon-Bramer Psychic St. Louis Psychic, has been reading Tarot cards for 30 years. Tarot is a practice that’s believed to have been around since ancient Egyptian times. Contrary to popular belief, it is not religious, and does not conjure spirits, good or evil. The famous psychologist, Carl G. Jung, used Tarot when he established his work with cross-cultural human archetypes. The principle of Tarot is that we are all connected and all wiser than we realize; the questioner is merely guided to the answers through the Tarot card reader, his or her intuition, and sensitivity.

Unique Entertainment for: Special Events, Corporate Events, Employee Retreats and Conferences, Private Parties, Festivals, Individual Readings, Telephone and Email Consultations. Please note: Julia does not dress in costume. This is the real deal—but she will certainly dress to accommodate the mood of your event.


Merlin The Psychic St. Louis

I am a very spiritual person who was raised in a Catholic household. Let me assure you, my gift is something that I have been blessed with. Everything I do with my intuitive gift is done out of love and respect for the higher power. I have found great success in receiving messages from my spirit guides utilizing Tarot cards. My spirit guides have helped me to deliver messages to clients regarding their lives that the spirit guides feel are important for those clients to receive.



Sandy “Little Lizard”

Psychic St. Louis, Sandy uses Native Tradition and Healing, the Seven Sacred Directions and utilizes the Oracles, Tarot, meditation, etheric energy, divination and channeling for your readings and spiritual sessions. All sessions are designed to promote emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healing as well as personal growth.

By using clairvoyancy and channeling Sandy is able to assist you with interpretation and guidance during your journeys.

Do you question your present path? Where are the roads leading? Would you like more understanding of your Spiritual and Emotional growth?


Melody “Lil Mel” McGowan, Psychic St. Louis Psychic

A practicing clairsentience, claircognizance, and spiritual advisor, Melody is an ordained minister and holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics, M.A. and B.S. university degrees in counseling, human resources, and education. Melody has been using her formal training combined with practical solid advice to help literally thousands of people see their way clearly to making the right decisions for their lives and guide them along their spiritual path.

Answering the call to help others, she expanded her practice to reach others through books, media outlets, speaking engagements, support groups, private and corporate events, and workshops. By offering fun raising opportunities she helps organizations raise funds through proceeds from book sales.


Davora: Psychic St. Louis Psychic

I am shown videos in my mind’s eye of people, places and situations in your life. I hear words put together into messages. I see symbolism of events in your life and the connection between them. I sense experiences you have had in your past or are currently going through. What comes through in a reading are suggestions about what’s most beneficial to you. You will never be told what you SHOULD do. I believe in empowering people to trust their own intuition and do what feels right in their heart. Often the guidance is simply a validation of what you already knew to be true. Insight is revealed about what may be blocking you from moving forward and ideas may come through to inspire you towards your desires.


Nancy Feranec: St. Louis Psychic Clairvoyance

I’m a Psychic Medium with an intriguing gift of knowing, seeing, hearing and feeling. This is a gift I love to share with others through the exciting world of Spirit and Tarot Cards. I’m inviting you to join me in an experience that will amaze you. An insightful psychic medium I met gave me a message. “You have a gift of intuition and are here to guide, teach and inspire.” After going through some difficult experiences and life lessons I made a decision to embrace and develop my gift. My journey began ~ an unbelievable, exciting, powerful and humbling journey into the world of intuition. I mentored under an incredible intuitive and several phenomenal mediums and my life has forever been altered.
I call it like I see it and can coach you in future endeavors with confidence and accuracy. I work in the highest whitest energy and share the energy with you. I enjoy private in person readings at my Creve Coeur Reading Room and phone readings. I entertain at gatherings for family, friends, parties and corporate events. I travel throughout Missouri and Illinois. I promise an experience that won’t disappoint you. I welcome you to visit my website for more information:

St. Louis Psychic Kare Reiki

St. Louis Psychic Kare Reiki tarotI have been using Tarot Cards for several years now. I received my first deck in 1995 but did not seriously pursue using them until after my brother’s crossing. When I discovered Reiki, I knew this is what I had always believed was possible-healing with the hands. Now, I am a Reiki Master Teacher with the latest Reiki Energy, Holy Fire. I am also a Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association. I have attended the Monroe Institute in Virginia and completed the Remote Viewing program. I have been lucky enough to meet several fellow psychics who have assisted me in further developing my own psychic abilities. I thank these individuals on a page entitled, “In Gratitude”. I strive to remain in the state of gratitude.



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