Find Trusted Psychic Mediums In New York

New York City, being the melting pot it is, boasts a diverse array of psychics and spiritual guides providing a myriad of services. From tarot card readings and mediumship to energy healing and beyond, the city has much to offer for those seeking spiritual insight. If the bustling streets of New York beckon you to discover its psychic offerings, here are some steps to guide your journey:

  1. Online Exploration: A quick internet search can yield a plethora of highly-rated and trusted psychics in New York. Platforms like ours offer invaluable insights into the reputation and credibility of these spiritual guides.
  2. Discover Local Metaphysical Stores: The Big Apple is dotted with numerous metaphysical and spiritual boutiques. Many of these establishments offer readings and are also an excellent source for recommendations.
  3. Join Psychic Events: Participating in psychic fairs or expos in New York can introduce you to a range of psychic talents, providing an opportunity to gauge their abilities firsthand.
  4. Word of Mouth: If someone you know has ventured into the psychic realms of New York, tap into their experiences and ask if they’d vouch for the psychic they consulted.
  5. Follow Your Inner Compass: It may sound like a worn-out phrase, but in the realm of spiritual endeavors, trusting your intuition about a practitioner is invaluable.
  6. Inquire: Prior to committing to a session, don’t hesitate to question the psychic about their techniques, experience, and the structure of their readings.

To make your quest more straightforward, we’ve compiled a list for you below. Each entry provides background details on the psychic, enabling you to make an informed choice about your spiritual consultation. Dive in and explore some of New York City’s finest psychic professionals:


psychic in Chicago offering Psychic readings Cynthia Becker psychic, cynthia has long dark hair beautiful smile attractive eyes purple shirt and shawl

Cynthia S. Becker

Spiritual New York Psychic Phone Reading

Cynthia Becker is a standout psychic medium celebrated for her genuine spiritual guidance and compassion. Blending traditional healing with intuitive insight, her readings offer not just predictions, but deep spiritual wisdom. Highly regarded globally, choosing Cynthia ensures a transformative spiritual journey. For those seeking answers or a deeper cosmic connection, she’s the guide you’ve been looking for.

Need Help with Your Relationship?

Let Cynthia guide you to the answers you desperately seek.

List of New York’s Professional Psychics:

Cynthia S. Becker
Type: New York Psychic
Description: As a professional psychic for over 30 years, Cynthia has served hundreds of New Yorkers seeking guidance in love, family, and career.

Phil Jordan
Type: Psychic New York & Inter-Faith Minister
Description: With over 40 years of experience, Phil provides psychic services in New York, assists in investigative cases, and serves as a Pastor-in-Charge of the Caroline Center Church.

Vicki L. Robinson
Type: Psychic New York
Description: Vicki offers visions and psychic impressions about your life, future, and past lives, providing a comfortable and trusting experience.

Stephen Robinson
Type: New York Psychic Reader
Description: Stephen uses his psychic abilities to provide revealing, informative psychic guidance backed by a strong academic and professional background.

Walter Zajac
Type: New York Psychic
Description: Walter, a second-generation Intuitive, is renowned for his dream interpretations and has vast experience with dreams and visions.

Derek Calibre
Type: Psychic New York
Description: Derek, with 10 years of international experience, offers clear and perceptive insights specializing in careers, relationships, and decisions.

Catherine Ferguson
Type: Psychic for Pets and People
Description: Catherine, a Reiki Master, provides readings for both pets and humans, offering a range of services including pet communication and past life revelations.

Psychic Destiny
Type: New York Psychic
Description: Psychic Destiny helps individuals achieve inner peace by assessing and balancing their individual aura and energy centers.

Avoid scams by relying on this curated list of trusted psychics. For more options across the USA, check our psychic directory.