SECRETS about working with energy

Part 1

People often request that I send energy to them for various reasons.

When I first started working with energy, I would send energy to the person who called with the problem. That seemed like the logical way to do things. However, no matter who we are, we are not alone. We are part of a system whether it’s a group at work, family system, or any other kind of group.

Psychologist and social workers used to say that a child acting out was demonstrating the dysfunction of the family system.

What really made this point obvious for me was an occasion where I was sending energy to help a newborn sleep at night. Since I have several ways of sending energy, I had tried various ways that weren’t very effective. The technique that made an immediate difference was sending energy to the entire family system. The very first time I tried this the baby slept all night.

Since that time, I send energy to the person who asks for it, and also, to the entire system of which that person is a part.