The most unrecognized and underutilized power that we have available to us is the power of words. We all recognize that words can destroy in an instant. But what we don’t realize is that words contain the energy and power of creation.

It would be so much easier if we could see the color of words as well as hear the sounds that they make.

Imagine a mother talking to her newborn. Now imagine a father taking his son to his very first ballgame, explaining what’s happening on the field.

What colors would you see? Would there be muted shades of soft colors in that first conversation, and perhaps clear flashes of red and purple in that second conversation?

Now think about a speech being given by a politician. Imagine that his words were piling up around his feet as he spoke. How much easier it would be if the facts have one color and all the twists and turns of the political double-talk were different shades altogether.

Since I wrote this, I have decided it would be even simpler if words had aromas or smells. If every lie had a bad smell of its own, there would be much smaller crowds attending political rallies. And the speeches would be much shorter.

Think about your most recent conversation. What color might your words be? And hopefully, your listener would not be holding their nose and waving their hand in front of their face.

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