Money is the topic that seems to be on everyone’s minds, especially as the holidays become closer and closer! What follows will be a list of tips and ideas to help you attract more money into your life.

Some are simple, and some require a bit more thought. However, these ideas come from many different cultures and traditions. And because they have worked in the past, they have been passed down from generation to generation.

In our society we have been encouraged to give generously, simply because it’s the right thing to do, expecting nothing in return.

But, the ancients saw money (or their abundance) as a form of energy and that energy was meant to keep moving and circulating. So anytime they gave of their abundance or their prosperity, they saw the universe returning their gifts to them tenfold! (For the sake of this article I have shortened the details that support this practice.)

So, if money is not coming in the way you would like, what you need to do is start the energy moving again! This is the time to give a donation, however small, to a person or to an organization that you believe in. When you make this donation, it’s for a twofold reason. You are bringing more good into the world and you are starting the energy moving again!

Your money needs your attention. Think of money the same way you would think of a two-year-old child. (What you reinforce you get more of!) When you pay attention to that child, you’re more likely to get the kind of behavior that you want. If you’re not paying attention, and ignoring all the little things that child does, he or she is more likely to do things that you don’t want, simply to get your attention. That’s the way it is with money, also!

In the beginning as you are doing these things, you may start to notice small increases. Perhaps you find things on sale, sometimes you get a small windfall. Be sure to keep track of these things. These are signs that the energy is starting to move again!

You’ve probably heard of the saying “have an attitude of gratitude”. Well, telling you what to do is not the same as telling you how to do it! Also, this is not the kind of gratitude that sounds like “well, at least I have this”.

This is the practice of appreciating what you do have, what you have already. To paraphrase Joel Osteen “remember, most of the world is still praying for things that you already have!”.

You may start with very basic things, clean water and fresh air, a warm dry place to be, and continue from there. I recommend using the phrase “I am fortunate to have….…”. Using this specific phrase creates change on a very basic level. When I’m watching someone using this phrase, I can see their aura beginning to change in multiple ways.

Remember, what you reinforce you get more of!

In the coming weeks I will be posting more tips. Some will be based on the Chinese practice of feng shui. These are inexpensive changes that you can make in your surroundings to invite more prosperity into your life.


Part 2:

Feng Shui has been defined as the art of placement. This means placing objects as big as buildings, and as small as flowers to facilitate the movement of Chi, or energy. The theory behind this practice is that when chi or energy moves freely, your health, well-being, and prosperity are all enhanced.

The decor in many Chinese restaurants, especially ones that are doing well, is based on feng shui principles. The use of color, the presence of water features, and the placement of the cash register, as well as the location of the building itself are usually based on feng shui principles.

My own introduction to feng shui occurred many years ago. We had just heard about feng shui and invited a consultant to come and visit our home. Although we had never met before, the consultant was able to tell us a lot about what was going on with many areas of our life, simply by noticing where we had objects placed in different areas of our home.

One of the areas that she told us about was the wealth corner. Our wealth corner happened to be in our garage. When we made the changes that she suggested our money situation improved dramatically!

There are several different versions of feng shui that Bill and I have studied. The black hat method is less complex. And it’s easier to use to create results. The compass method of feng shui takes many things into consideration such as the direction the building faces, the geography around the building itself as well as the zodiac signs of the inhabitants, just to name a few.

However, both methods can bring results!

What follows is a simplified explanation of the feng shui tips that you can put into effect right away!

Stand at your front doorway. Look into your home or apartment. Notice what is in the back left-hand corner from where you are standing. In the black hat tradition, that is your wealth corner.

Make sure this corner is clean, and get rid of any clutter that might be there. If there’s anything in that area of your home that needs repair, be sure to take care of it as soon as you can. There are many things that you can place here. If it fits in with your decor, this would be a good place for lush plant.

People following compass feng shui recommend paying special attention to the entrance to any dwelling or building before you enhance the wealth corner. This is where Chi, or energy, enters into your home or office. Make sure this area is clean and in good repair (as I am writing these tips in December, making your front door more presentable should be a pretty easy task!).

Be sure to take note of any changes in you financial life, either big or small, because what you reinforce you get more of!


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