Tornadoes and other Weather Disasters

There is no doubt that massive weather events have inflicted incredible damage and tremendous suffering on people.

But something else is happening in addition to these events. Basic human instincts like survival and empathy for others like ourselves take over. Just for a time, all prejudices and suspicions fade into the background as people rush in to help.

Somehow, at the scene of a disaster, people manage to work together to help everyone they can no matter what.

Each tornado and each flood awakens that instinct again as brave people rush in to help.

Our country was founded by people who wanted a better life. They banded together to help one another. They fought through impossible odds. They believed that life could be better for everyone by working together.

What would it be like if we didn’t need disasters for these basic instincts to remind us that life is better for all of us all of when we all work together.