What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Perceivable Reasons for Anxiety

There are constant articles in the news these days that may bring out high levels of anxiety. What’s on the news nowadays? War in Ukraine, chaotic economy, climate change, the list can literally go on. The sources of information provide continuous fee of anxious content – of course the world is in a panic now.

Another contributing source is the continual commercials from pharmaceuticals companies reminding us of all the things it could possibly go wrong with our bodies. They highlight our failing bodies due to age, compound that with the inevitable health problems that we may experience from a poor diet.

So, no matter what it is you think is causing a high level of anxiety in today’s society, chances are you’re right.

With all this emphasis on anxiety, you seem to lose sight of the fact that some anxiety is a natural part of life and living. So, it would be smart to develop some ways to cope with anxiety when it happens.

Coping with Anxiety 

Simply taking time to really identify what you are anxious about is a good beginning. The next step is to identify what’s going on in your mind when you become anxious. Are you worried about something that’s imminent, something that’s going to happen now, immediately, or are you worried about some future event?

Taking the time to bring your thoughts back to the present, to what’s going on around you at this moment, is sometimes enough to reduce the anxiety to a manageable level.

If anxiety is a persistent problem, you might consider consulting a counselor, psychologist or spiritual life coach. These are the people that can give you information that might be more specific to your personal situation.

Something else to consider is a little-known fact that there are seven times in everyone’s life that generate anxiety. These are times when change is imminent. Most of us are not comfortable with change that we do not initiate ourselves. But changes do occur no matter what we do.

As these periods of life draw closer and closer to us, we become restless and uncomfortable. Many of us have a sense that something is about to happen, but we don’t know what, specifically, it is that’s about to happen.

But the ironic thing is, that if we knew what to expect and when these points in time are coming, then they would be very beneficial instead of anxiety producing.

That’s why I call these points in time windows of opportunity. As we progress and evolve during our lifetimes these windows of opportunity signify a surge of energy coming that is there to help us change and evolve to the next level.

We are always capable of changing whatever it is that needs to be changed at any point in our lives. While we can make changes in our lives at any time, any effort that we make will go much smoother during one of these periods.

Be sure to read the windows of opportunity listed on my website. That might help to change those feelings of anxiousness into anticipation. Then we can take action that will help to dispel those feelings of anxiousness and use that energy the way it was intended, to improve our lives.