This article will cover the options that can be done when you don’t know what to do about events unfolding in work, relationship and family. Find more answers to your questions at our frequently asked question page or schedule a psychic reading with Cynthia Becker. 

Are you at times at a loss of words, bored or simply uninspired? The “I don’t know what to do” moments can catch you by surprise and like an oncoming threat need to be handled appropriately so your mind can be at ease/ready with the outcome.

Handling uncertainty is a practiced skill. We’re not born with it. All conflicts in life are dealt with reactions We react towards insult, we react towards abuse, we react towards violence. One way or another we react, by not doing anything or doing something about it.

How To Act When You Don’t Know What To Do

When you are confronted with a situation that seems insurmountable, there are several things that you can do.

Use What You’ve Learned From The Past

When I watch people I try to deal with a problem, I watch their energy. I notice that their energy jumps from the past into the future and then comes back to the present. As they come into the present, chances are they are bringing all the negative experiences from the past and possible unhappy future with them. Dealing with all of these energies at one time makes it much more difficult to come up with a strategy to handle the problem.

As you think about this problem, notice where you are in time and space. Are you thinking about the past? Are you thinking about the future?

Instead of using unhappy past to generate an unpleasant future, take a moment to consider with the past really is.

The past is made up of a collection of events, the things we remember about these events, and the meanings that we place on these events. If you listen to three or more people discussing the same event, each one is telling the story of that event. Sometimes the stories overlap. And sometimes the stories of the same event are really quite different. Follow these steps to learn how to move from the past to the present to deal with uncertainty.

  1. Now notice where you have been sitting. Inhale and exhale. Get up and walk to a new chair, leaving the energy of the problems behind.
  2. Inhale, exhale, and sit down in this new space. This is the present. This is where you can begin to think about what resources you have, and what might be your first step to take to deal with the situation.

In the final analysis, the past is a collection of stories. And the only ability the past has to affect our future is the power that we choose to give to our stories.

As you continue to think about this situation, be sure to keep returning to the present, because the present is where the solutions are waiting to be uncovered!

Life Is Uncertain, Go with It

The future has many options ahead of us. Though, there are answers guiding us to a solution best suited for each of us. We just need to know how to get there. Consult with a psychic to discover the options that are laid before you. You’ve seen the signs but aren’t able to understand or interpret them – have a fresh set of eyes can reveal your destiny.


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