While movies make bartenders the best person to get advice from. In all honesty, he/she is probably the worst person to get advice from. Reason number one: how irritable will you be if you have to spend eight hours of the day standing and serving people drinks. I know I would be, and it would show externally. Not the best head space to offer advice.

Let’s dissect and see what type of people would offer the best advice when it comes to life, family, career or love.

What is Advice?

Advice is guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action.

While the definition is true it is also left to interpretation from whence it came from. Many people like giving advice; it’s as prevalent as commenting on the weather. It’s superficial and simply a point-of-view. Something subjective that they feel embolden to point out about your life circumstance.

Who Gives the Best Advice

Your parents may give you advice on life moves because they want the best for you; though, are they fearing for your safety or are they encouraging your spirit? Family members may give the best advice when it comes to personal matters or love concerns. Their investment in you is deeply rooted that they don’t want you to get hurt, which may make them the least favorable choice when asking for business advice.

Strangers offer the best advice because there is no investment in you. Though, because there is no connection with you they only have a general view of what the next move may be. Strangers, or at least an insightful one, will see problems or decisions at a very high-level and will see things strategically, and will almost always send you away being inspired in taking the high-risk route without any concern if you fail or not – only that it seems logical to them to take a riskier move for a higher-payout.

Friends or peers are like families when giving advice. They have investment in you but may not always be as an insightful as someone who have experienced more in life. They are better in giving business advice compared to their family members because they may also work in the same industry or have the same work experience as you. Though, if they are accelerating in their careers then they may not be the best when it comes to guiding yours.

The best advice comes for someone whose job is to be aware or your circumstances, understanding of your concerns, knowledgeable in human experiences and keen in spotting hurdles. These types of people are usually therapists, life coaches, psychics, counselors.

These type of people are genuinely concerned about your problem. They have positioned themselves to be concerned about it – it’s their life-calling to listen to problems, to care for their patient or clients. Their investment is not familial love or vicarious risk-taking. Their investment is congenital. They have lived their life wanting to help others by listening and guiding.

Psychics Offer The Best Advice

Psychics are a true example of what these types of people are like. They are insightful, connected to the universe, understanding and honest about perceptions, and use spiritual tools in their counseling. Psychics only offer their knowledge, their ear, their time and their insight to what they see and feel from you and the moment that is shared between you and the universe. They are conduits to what can be seen or troubling you. They see the roadblocks or fears that you don’t see. Offering practical solutions that will greatly enhance your career, love and family relationships.

The next time you are looking for advice. Think of using an insightful psychic to better help guide your through your biggest challenges. God bless and take care of one another.

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