What is blessing?

Cambridge Dictionary defines blessing as “a prayer asking for God’s help, or a prayer of thanks for God’s help”.

Deciding to do readings was not an easy decision for me. But after many urgings from my friends, I received a rather dramatic confirmation involving feathers that I could not ignore. I knew it was something that the universe wanted me to do.

So of course, I asked for God’s blessing on this new endeavor.

How a blessing can work?

When a blessing is made it usually done before a game, work or something eventful that will occur momentarily. A blessing is supposed to guide, protect you as accomplish this task – it shapes whatever you weld to its destined course. A blessing helps you keep you from unwavering from the work that needs to be done. It sets the framework for what is to follow.

It also establishes how I think and feel about what will happen between my client and myself.

It was very important to me for my client to know that I was asking for God’s blessing on the information that I was receiving.

It was also extremely important for me to give the authority back to the client to decide what he or she would act on.

While it took some time to come up with the exact wording, I tried to include all these elements in the blessing that I use.

Why a blessing helps before an important event…

A sets the stage for what is about to happen. It can be a business deal, a flight, a big game or anything that will affect you and the others in your life.

I use overtime I do a psychic reading. It also gives both myself and my client time to become centered and grounded for the experience to follow. Below is a blessing of what I say before each reading.

My Blessing:

“When we do this, I see light that comes from the heart of God, that moves into both our rooms and surrounds us and becomes blended with our beings. And it brings with it a feeling of safety, love and also clarity to you as the person who asks the questions and to me as a person who listens for the response. I ask that all information that comes is for the highest happiness of all concerned, you, anyone you may talk with, and myself. And I also ask that you pay attention to your feelings, because your feelings are the best indication of what things to act on first.”

My blessing also acknowledges that this is a shared experience between two people who are working together for the highest happiness of all concerned.