Recently I spoke with a woman who was calling me because she was overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in today’s world.

“My phone is constantly sending me alerts about tornadoes and floods, Covid 19 cases, the economy, and politicians fighting with one another. No matter what I do, things never seem to get any better”, she said.

As we talked, she told me she was concerned about her job being stable and the future of the company she worked for.

After I said the blessing that I say before I work, we looked at what was going on with her company. An it became obvious that though there was a change in management, her job was stable. The reorganization that the company was going through would not affect her. She would be fine, and I could see a promotion coming for her.

That information seemed to help her calm down. Then she asked a few questions about other concerns she had. Gradually the tension left her voice. She paused again. She became thoughtful and wanted to know what I thought about saying prayers for the future.

Of course, I believe strongly in the power of prayer. Since our time was running out, I finished the remainder of the reading. Since we didn’t have enough time to get into a detailed discussion, I referred her to the article “Does God Need Our Prayers”.

I also asked her to get in touch with me in the next few months to let me know how things were going. (Anytime I make a prediction, I always request that my clients get in touch with me to let me know what happened”

Several months later I got a very happy text from her telling me that the reorganization when exactly as I had told her. She added “by the way, praying has become a natural activity for me. It brings me great comfort.”

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