Why Do We Pray and How Does Praying Work?

I have been working with prayer for a very long time. And it has always puzzled me why some prayers seem to “work” and others don’t. Is it because some people use better words? Are there just some prayers that God likes better than others? Is it because there are more people praying for the same person or cause?

We often refer to ourselves as God’s children. So, as children do, if we beg hard enough do we get what we want? Of course not. None of these answers make sense.
So, what is the purpose of prayer? Does God really need us to worship him/her? Really? Again, none of this makes sense.

How Prayer Really Works

It seems to me that the purpose of prayer is to remind us of God’s existence. When we can get into a quiet state of mind, and silence the noise of everyday worries, there is a sense of peacefulness, even if only momentary, that comes over us. And, in that sense of peacefulness, it’s much easier to feel the presence of something or someone who is benevolent and loving.

I go back to the words of The Our Father “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. Most of the time when you hear these words the quote is shortened. And by shortening the quote you really take it out of context. Usually you hear the words “thy will be done” to explain sad or difficult things that happen in our lives.

“on earth as it is in heaven”

To me this quote really means bringing the heavens down to our lives on earth. The quote in its entirety is asking us to believe that God’s will is for the wonders and miracles of heaven to happen here on earth.

Shortening the quote turns it into a command to tolerate those difficult circumstances because it is “God’s will”.

Life on earth can be an amazing journey. There are many experiences to enjoy. And there are many experiences that we have no answers or explanations for. Many mysteries will remain unknown during our lifetimes.

Even though life can be painful and difficult here on the earth plane, I believe there is a powerful and benevolent Presence that wants to assist us during those difficult times. The purpose of prayer is to remind us of that powerful Presence, and to open the door that makes it possible for that Presence to bring moments of heaven to earth.

Different Way to Pray

For anyone who would like an additional way to pray, my suggestion is to make pictures.

These pictures can be very simple. You can imagine a pair of hands coming from the heavens. Put your issue or your problem into the strong powerful and caring hands.
Each time you worry about your problem, make the picture again. And as you make the picture again simply place your problem and all its concerns into the strong caring and loving hands. Then say, “thank you”.

This can open your mind to receive inspiration about what to do with the situation you are facing.
While there are more detailed and complex ways to pray, this simple prayer can be very effective.