Words contain the power of creation.

Events happen all around us (or to us) on a day-to-day basis. But is it is not these events themselves, but the stories that we tell ourselves about these events that give them their significance and meaning. And it is this meaning and significance that creates our reality.

However, when we change this significance and this meaning, we are changing our reality.

For instance, an event happens to us, which is definitely unpleasant. What do we tell ourselves? Do we decide that because it happened now, it could happen again? Do we decide that we deserved it? Do we decide that we were the cause of it?

Or do we decide that it is unlikely to happen again. No one deserves to have something like that happen. And nobody was at fault.

No matter what conclusions we come to, we have definitely affected our reality for the present, and for the days to come.



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